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A gamer found a way to use his Nintendo Switch for VR

Discussion in 'Nintendo Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Apr 30, 2017.

By GaryOPA on Apr 30, 2017 at 2:05 PM
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    It’s not perfect, but it works!

    Nintendo has been noncommittal when it comes to virtual reality, even though it filed a patent late last year that could turn its Switch console into a VR device.
    The Switch itself when the JoyCon's are removed is basically a 6.2" tablet, so in theory it could work like Gear VR, but instead of slipping in Samsung phone, you slide in a Switch, and one Youtuber decided to do basically just that and see how well Nintendo Switch VR works! :)
    So there you go, there is hope if Nintendo does not release an VR-DOCK for Switch, maybe some cool 3rd-party company will do so!
    NEWS SOURCE: A gamer found a way to use his Nintendo Switch for VR (via) TheVerge
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Discussion in 'Nintendo Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Apr 30, 2017.

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      It seems that every once in a while this topic pops up, that Nintendo will put out a way for VR.

      But every time it seems that people need to be reminded of the reality of the situation.

      The problem with the switch being used for VR is that the hardware is not anywhere near up to snuff. Oculus and HTC both went with high resolution high refresh rate screens for their VR head sets, because low resolution low refresh rate screens cause all sorts of issues such as headaches and VR sickness. Sony compromised with their headsets, opting for a slightly lower resolution, though still keeping the high refresh rate. Furthermore they essentially cheat on the framerate in ways by using interpolation. But all of this is because without the interpolation, the hardware requirements would be much higher and just saying "F*ck it" to the framerate would kill PSVR since everybody would get sick and cosntant headaches. You can't really have uncomfortable gaming, and the Virtual boy is a testament of that fact.

      In comes the Switch. A console that cut as many corners as it could, and in many ways that shows. It may be fine for general usage, but the problem with using it for VR would immediately become apparent. Mainly that strapping a 720p screen to your face is a good way to see the low resolution. It's like sitting with your face next to a crt screen. You see the screen door effect and everything becomes a blob of pixels. Sure, a 720p screen isn't so bad if it's a portable device. But it's a terrible screen for VR. The bigger problem however isn't the resolution. It's the refresh rate. The Switch's screen can only refresh the screen at 60 times per second. As you can see this means the framerate would be limited to 60fps for the viewer. That's below the 90 fps that vr developers recommend and below the 75 minimum that is usually given. The thing is that even Sony goes for 120 fps, again it's technically an interpolated framerate with the real framerate being 60, but to the viewer it is 120. But it couldn't really do that if the screen was your standard 60hz lcd screen.

      And lastly, if the Switch's VR were good enough, then VR would have already become mainstream. Anybody can strap their phone to their face, and many have used those methods to try it out. But one thing that always happens is that they leave with a negative experience. Before the Rift, before the Vive, before PSVR, many didn't like VR in the least. They had tried these other methods and due to the problems associated with it, they walked away dumbfounded why anybody would want VR. But when given a chance to try out more modern VR headsets such as the vive or PSVR, they walked away with a much better understanding. If the price wasn't so off putting they would likely buy one.

      Another problem is that the Switch's controllers wouldn't work well for VR. You think they may work well, but VR really works better when it has a way to track the headset and controllers, which is why the popular VR devices use tracking devices. There are chinese knockoff vr headsets that lack the control options and like the phone vr methods, the whole thing ends up looking stupid to people who try it.

      The thing is that I doubt Nintendo would actually try to push the Switch as a VR headset. They previously said they would consider it once they found out how to deal with VR sickness. Since no amount of software will overcome the inadequacies of the hardware, that is unlikely to happen. The bigger reason they won't though is because VR is already starting to become bigger and bigger. The rift and vive are popular on pc and Sony has the PSVR. Nintendo is a lot like apple, in that they like to pretend to be innovators, but everything about the Switch being used for VR screams "poor man's knock off". Their fanboyss would likely think Nintendo did it first, if not with the switch, most likely they would bring up the virtual boy, the device that nearly killed off vr for good because of how bad it was. To everybody else, Switch VR wouldn't be anything new, not by a long shot and Nintendo would look like the copy cat instead of the other way around. And with all of the differences in hardware, the switch would not come out looking enticing. I doubt their pride would allow them to do that.

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