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A New League for Aspiring Dota 2 Pros in Australia

Discussion in 'PC Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Apr 13, 2020.

By GaryOPA on Apr 13, 2020 at 2:43 PM
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    Oceanic Esports is launching a new league to boost its region. They announced that they want to hone the talents from Oceania with the Oceanic Esports League. Teams from Australia and New Zealand will feature.

    There is a huge twist in all of this. The teams that are invited aren’t five-person stacks like usually.

    Instead, only the best players are called up as captains.

    These captains will choose their teammates from a pool of aspiring pros. They hope this move will grow the Dota 2 esports scene in the region.

    The prize pool for the whole tournament is about AUD 25,000, which is $16,000. The first part of the season will start on April the 13th and will last until the end of May. The main event will take place from June the 1st to June the 6th.

    Oceanic co-founder Justin “xMusiCa” Yuen hopes that this will be a huge stepping stone for aspiring pros, and more opportunity for these talented esports athletes to get their first competitive experience. Eventually, they should become so good that they can compete with the world’s best.

    xMusiCa himself is an esports veteran athlete with over 14 years on the scene. His greatest wish is to show that Oceania has lots of prospects, who are simply left behind because of the lack of competitive opportunities.

    Oceania Dota 2 Community

    There’s a large Dota 2 community in Oceania and a huge fanbase. People in Oceania are passionate about esports and have many Twitch streamers and aspiring pros. When bored from playing Dota 2 themselves, they often turn to betting on professional matches on https://dota2betz.com/. This proud region produced some of the best players in the world, and most recently, Anathan “ana” Pham brought a lot of reputation back to the region after dominating the global stage. Whoever followed their heart and bet on OG on the TI has won lots of money!

    Anathan “ana” Pham began his career in Melbourne, Australia, and later moved to Shangai because of greater opportunities. After a year in CDEC’s in-house League in 2015, he moved to join OG in 2016. He was a vital cog in OG’s machine that won consecutive TI’s, and he was the MVP of TI9.

    Another amazing player from the Oceania region is Damien “kpii” Chok. The world realizes what a talent he was at the Defense of the Australian Spring 2014. Since then, he’s changed quite a few teams, including MVP Phoenix, EHOME, Newbee, Mineski, and is currently playing for TNC Predator.

    Everyone understands that the success of these two professional esports athletes have made is because they moved to another region. The new Oceanic Esports League wants to remedy that.

    They want to create teams in Oceania who will be on par with their global colleagues.

    Who knows, maybe the first season of the League will show us the next “ana” who will dominate the world.

    In any case, this is great news for esports fans and athletes, and great news for us staying at home. This League is going to be another live-streamed tournament that we will watch from our homes, so we don’t think about the Coronavirus pandemic.



Discussion in 'PC Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Apr 13, 2020.

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