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A Step Forward for Hello Games

Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Sep 3, 2020.

By GaryOPA on Sep 3, 2020 at 2:56 PM
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    It’s difficult to forget the rough launch that followed Hello Games first big launch of No Man’s Sky, for all that was promised there had been a huge amount lacking in the game and had really pushed the game, and the publisher low. A lot of work had gone in to bringing the title back into players good graces, and it seemed to have done very well – lots of great content updates and bringing to life a lot of what had been missing but promised on launch taking the game from its overwhelmingly negative reviews a few years ago to the mostly positive position it’s in today.

    It’s no surprise then that there were plenty of players concerned with the upcoming title in the puzzle-platformer, The Last Campfire. Although a simple passion project, with a previous failed launch under their belt it was always going to look a little hit or miss for where the game could land but many turned out pleasantly surprised – a great soundtrack and a beautiful world, with some very simple and satisfying narration build the world in which you play. There have been some initial criticisms, short gameplay and unoriginal puzzles being the big gripes here, but for what it is the game certainly delivers particularly amongst a time where these puzzles styled games are finding their way into popularity. Either way, the developers have certainly shown that they’re able to take steps in the right direction and perhaps now fans may not be so apprehensive about upcoming releases from the publisher, it had already been suggested that The Last Campfire was simply a passion project for just some of the developers so we may see a big release on the horizon for them.

    It does provide a nice break from the current growth of other genres however, we’re in a period where other games are really leading the way as genres such as online gambling have really taken over for how gaming is played by a majority audience despite ongoing changes to regulation, a growing number of players find many at gambling sites not on Gamstop through different resources to continue the growth here and smaller, relaxing games such as The Last Campfire are a nice break from the mould.

    This isn’t the only fun relaxing title recently either that’s captured the attention of many, a game in a similar style but executed very difficult in Fall Guys has recently taken over and with the second season announced with the Knights and Witches theme, we may be heading into a time where little stout characters that waddle along and look a little clumsy become a new fad, it’s certainly cutesy to look at and fun to play as, and with two recent titles following the same pattern there’s definitely some appeal to it all. Whether or not The Last Campfire will become a lasting title is looking questionable at best, it may only just survive the summer, but for Hello Games it’s a step back in the right direction once again to earning the trust of their fanbase.


Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Sep 3, 2020.

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