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Alternatives to 4 Most Used Apps on the Internet

Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Sep 11, 2020.

By GaryOPA on Sep 11, 2020 at 5:32 PM
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    Tired of using the same old apps and scrolling over and over on them until nothing is left to discover? Welcome to the club. In our daily life, we use several apps for displaying our lifestyle and connecting with long-distance friends; however, the time has changed, and some of these apps may seem like last year or boring enough to go to again.

    Maybe channeling these apps had been difficult for you, or there were some dislikes that you had to deal with, like data leak. For this reason, the following alternative to widely used or overused apps can help you bring a good change in your life. Happy reading:

    WhatsApp –Viber

    If we're talking about finding a twin to the world's most used and normalized chat room, it has to be Viber. Viber is very similar to WhatsApp, in the way that it also uses contact numbers to administer users so they can start chatting with their contacts. It is available on both iPhone and Android.

    Like WhatsApp, you can send messages, images, and videos through it for free to any of your contacts. You can also switch it on your PC and send messages from there. What's different and maybe better is that Viber allows you to make calls to landlines or mobile phones as well. And the sticker dynasty it grows is more significant than that of WhatsApp.

    Facebook – Pinterest

    Compared to Facebook, Pinterest is a lot more relaxed and has some great ideas in store for you. It is a large and to-date, a popular app that most people use for dress ideas and food recipes, but it offers much more than that to make it similar to Facebook but less messily.

    Pinterest allows you to catch up with friends and create boards of the ideas you like or bring in your own talent on board. You can post your pins publicly and let your fans know what you're up to and what your likes are. Pinterest is more artistic than Facebook, which makes it a better, knowledgeable place. Bonus: It doesn't collect or pops advertisements on every page

    Instagram – Vero

    Vero is an app like Instagram that provides photo sharing and content creating like the latter. It was designed to be an alternative to Instagram, an overused place for businesses and content creators. The benefit it supplies is that it is more undisturbed and has a softer graphic structure. If you want to switch to this latest app, all that you need to know is that this one doesn't promote data mining and algorithms. There are also no ads on this platform, so your ride can be safe and relaxed while you share data and talk to friends.

    Adobe Acrobat – Soda PDF

    The PDF format may be a universal and most conventional form of creating, editing, and displaying documents but for a vast norm, it is hard to approach due to its editor, Adobe. The adobe workspace is designed mostly for professionals and people that know about editing files with it for work or school.

    As an alternative to Adobe, Soda PDF is the new release that can be as easy as channeling a document through Microsoft Word. You can easily access all of the PDF formatting tools from there and convert your documents from different formats to PDF.


Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Sep 11, 2020.

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