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Apex Legends 'Fight Or Fright' Trailer Has Been Released

Discussion in 'PlayStation Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Oct 18, 2019.

By GaryOPA on Oct 18, 2019 at 3:02 AM
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    The Fight Or Fright trailer showcases the brand new Shadowfall Mode along with Halloween costumes and it will be a limited event we recommend you don't miss out on. Players will get to go back to Kings Canyon and enjoy the new battle mode, while winning Halloween-themed skins. If you are into all-things Halloween and you also happen to be a fan of the game, you are definitely going to appreciate this temporary release. Plus, as a side bonus, you may even get to witness a few hints concerning the identity of the new character you will get to play with. The game will be available between October 15th and November 5th.

    What To Expect

    The trailer of the game starts with Pathfinder and Wraith under attack in Kings Canyon. Pathfinder notices a portal and tries his best to reach it and escape the attack. He manages to jump into the portal before his companion can tell him that the portal is not hers. As a result, Pathfinder reaches a dark and dangerous realm that is actually a version of Kings Canyon that is controlled by a shadowy entity.

    He teams up with the Halloween versions of his fellow Legends and tries to escape the realm, but every time each of them managed to beat one of the creatures, they end up rising up in the form of living shadows keep hunting down the Pathfinder and the Legends. The game trailer concludes with Pathfinder managing to find his way back to the portal and reaching the normal version of Kings Canyon.

    What Is The New Realm In The Game?

    Pathfinder actually reaches Shadowfall, which is the new game mode that is tied to the Fight or Fright game. Players will get to play in single mode for a limited amount of time. Provided they are killed, their death-box will spawn some nasty killer spiders while getting dropped into the map as members of the

    Shadow Squad. This peculiar squad is made of supernatural beings that have lightning speeds and melee damage. Players must do their best to survive until only team players are left. Next, they need to collaborate and reach the dropship. Every time a player dies and it reincarnates as a member of the Shadow Squad, they are still allowed to reunite their strengths with other shadow players and kill all the other survivors before they can make it to the dropship safely and on time.

    Halloween Fans, Brace Yourselves!

    The limited-time event will allow players who love Halloween to enjoy plenty of Halloween-themed items. These items will only be available for unlocking for a limited amount of time and you can expect anything from skins displaying the Legends dressed up for Halloween to cowboy costumes and scarecrows, to name just a few. Unlocking all of these skins and additional game items will bring players face to face with Lifeline's heirloom. These types of incentives from game achievements is quite similar to that of the in-game bonuses of online slot machines (good guide at Australia Casino) where you can unlock bonus games and bonus rounds, money prizes and top incentives as you reach different levels of the game.

    Apex Legends' 12th Playable Character Revealed In The Trailer?

    While not officially confirmed yet, the Fight or Fright trailer could also include a highly anticipated teaser presenting the 12th playable character part of the Apex Legends. If you carefully look at the shadow entity that controls the Shadowfall world, you might notice some similarities with Revenant, Revenant is the character you might remember from Season 3's trailer when it was leaked through a screenshot together with Crypto, another fresh character. Revenant is expected to have the Death Recall skill which means he can bring back his squad members to life with the help of a totem. He will be able to do this without having to retrieve his respawn banned. To further strengthen this theory, we can mention the fact that the character can, in fact, prevent the Legends from completely losing their lives in Shadowfall.
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Discussion in 'PlayStation Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Oct 18, 2019.

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