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Are India Lottery Players Mentally Sharper?

Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Mar 19, 2019.

By GaryOPA on Mar 19, 2019 at 8:15 AM
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    The benefits of playing lotteries have long since been known.

    In general, the players at advanced ages post 70 etc., display higher mental agility and the ability to remember long series of numbers and find patterns in them.


    However, no real study of this phenomenon had been conducted until psychologist Dr. Iseli Krauss decided to conduct a study on this. Psychologist Dr. Iseli Krauss has discovered that playing bingo and lotteries is a stimulating and possibly mind-sharpening pastime. Dr. Krauss, who teaches at Clarion University, has studied elderly bingo players who could play dozens of cards at the same time. One woman could play 140 cards simultaneously without making any mistakes!

    Compared to bingo beginners, elderly experts had developed a special mental skill for spotting the called numbers and the patterns at the same time. She found out that the novice player first scans for the number, then looks for the pattern, while seasoned players see the patterns forming as they are daubing the card. This is important as many younger players concentrate so much on marking up their card, they often fail to recognize a pattern that they might have achieved long back. This same skill-set also carries in over very well in the growing world of best online lottery sites in India, so check them out and starting learning some good mental skills, while winning some prizes!

    The results of a memory test given by Dr. Krauss to elderly experts were especially surprising. She gave each of them a sheet of cards and asked them to memorize the numbers in a set amount of time. Then they had to throw the cards away and write all the numbers they could remember on blank cards. Some of the players were able to remember entire cards, down to the very last number. Why? It turns out many players had their own quirky ways of remembering numbers they hated or liked -- for example, "of course I would remember I-17 -- I never win on that number!"

    In addition, a researcher from Harvard University conducted a study and followed a group of people for thirteen years (they had all been 65 years and older at the beginning of the study). After controlling for race, income and social status, the researcher found that those indulging in a social activity like a game of bingo, lowered the risk of death just as much as exercise did.

    Researchers in Southampton University also found that lotteries players had better memories, could recognize patterns better and such were able to overall win larger pools of money by correctly predicting the outcome of lottery and the possible next sequence of numbers.

    Thus, playing online lotteries in India will indisputably preserves your mental health and keeps away brain related symptoms of ageing, so what are you waiting for, check out it today, and start your path towards sharper mind and at the same time earn some nice cash.


Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Mar 19, 2019.

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      I gotta tell you, this site has become a true shit show. Sometimes 10 advertorials in a row, no real content anymore.
      And now you're hitting us with "Are India lottery players mentally sharper" and "The benefits of playing lotteries have long since been known."

      I don't really care if India lottery players are mentally sharper, believe it or not. I truly don't.

      I've been coming to this site for about fifteen years, but I think this breaking news about sharp Indian lottery players is the final straw. It's just such a dumb article that has literally nothing to do with videogames. I'm out guys, thanks for the memories!

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