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BD Drive making dangerous noise while autoejecting in MCU 1.9

Discussion in 'Official 'Cobra ODE' Support Forum' started by ReVeri3, Jan 20, 2014.

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    ARMITAGEIII <b>Mustang SuperSnake</b> Loyal Member

    Jan 18, 2014
    nope wii does it slow and smooth , ive never heared a ps3 with the disk-in system so i never heared that xD the last drive from a pc that ive seen that system was a pioneer very very very old
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    ReVeri3 Loyal Member

    Dec 3, 2013
    Just to keep it simple, forget about the sound it makes. Lets focus on, why the autoeject execution is so quick when selecting the game but NOT when removing the disc using "remove disc" option, which lets it gracefully come out all the way and then suck it back in when its completely out. I think if we keep our focus on this, the sound issue will be resolved for everyone complaining here including myself.

    Can you insert further delay into autoeject execution when selecting game as well? and make it similar to "remove disc" where it waits for the whole disc to come out before executing the command to pull the disc back in?

    I am suspecting this to be a model specific issue, where the BD drives in certain model, do not like the quick autoeject and generate concerning noises from the BD drive.

    Better yet, maybe create extra option in the ode configuration file which gives option for people to configure quick ejection or graceful ejection (this can be taken the wrong way BUT you know what i mean :amused: ) As some people actually prefer quick ejection where the disc doesnt come out
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    Alfredo Guilenea

    Alfredo Guilenea <b>Ferrari's Engineer</b><br /><i>MaxConsole Spani Loyal Member

    Oct 5, 2013
    Argentina - Capital Federal
    I think that the cobra doesnt make the decision of taking the disc all the way or fast.

    Because sometimes the disc gets all the way out. And sometimes you dont even notice.

    If it could decide that. Maybe could be a option.
    But some bd drives are pretty old. And id the disc gets all the way outside. Is not going to suck it again.
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    lpl Loyal Member

    Nov 26, 2013
    If it's possible, yes it would be great to use the same kind of delay.
    With my ps3 cech 2003a and cobra ode 4.2, the auto eject sometimes fail and only eject the disc (it will stay out and I have to insert it manualy).
    This only occured 2 times when I selected the game from the cobra browser, never happened when I use the "remove disc" option to get the cobra browser back.
    It seems like the delay between the eject/insert is so small that the insert call just fail sometimes with the cobra browser.

    When the cobra browser eject/insert works, yes the sound is a little weird but seems normal to me.

    Just for information, is the real fake eject possible without playing with the physical disc? I assumed that the normal fake eject would never play with the real eject/insert of the blue ray. If yes then we can just keep it this way and wait for the real fake eject.
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    SDeath Loyal Member

    Jul 2, 2013
    I like this eject, as it's a lot faster then coming all the way out.
    I have a CECH3004 Slim PS3.
    I think the ODE waits until it detects a certain signal from the drive.
    Sometimes it comes out all the way and sometimes it's really fast and done in 0.1 seconds. It's about 50/50.
    We had this before then they changed it to a fixed delay, but now changed it back. If they made it optional would be fine with me too.
    The fat PS3's have a fake eject, this does nothing to the disc, the slims do the autoeject and the superslims have a half autoeject, only when loading the games, they need to manually open and close to eject the loaded iso.
    I haven't seen mine skip a eject. And the sounds are normal for me. But nobody ever recorded and played it to us so it's impossible for us to judge if the sounds are normal or not without hearing them ourselfs.
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    magneto Cobra ODE Support Loyal Member

    Oct 1, 2009
    Home Page:
    The way it works is that the ODE tells the drive to eject and waits until the PS3 is aware that "the disc has been ejected" once that happens, it will load the disc, as we don't want to reinsert the disc before the PS3 even noticed it was out. The difference in a quick or longer eject is completely dependent on how long it takes the PS3 to detect that the disc has been ejected, and you may notice that the PS3 almost freezes for a second when you use the remove disc option, that is why it is slower in that case, it all depends on the ps3's cpu usage I suppose.
    The only option we could add is how long a delay between the moment the ps3 detects the ejection to the moment we load back the disc. It will make no difference however because as long as the ps3 notices that the disc has been ejected, it will work, even if you don't actually see it coming out of the drive.
    Concerning the noise, the eject will do a mechanical noise followed by a long kind of smooth sound while the disc is being ejected, an insert will do the smooth sound while the disc is being loaded then a mechanical noise when the disc is put into place inside the drive. The quick eject will simply do the mechanical noise twice without the smooth sound, and the merging of those two sounds is unusual because your brain expects the smooth sound following the eject. I believe that is what makes it scary, but the sound is normal.
    Maybe record a normal eject and a normal insertion and merge the start and end of the two sounds together to see if it's similar to what you hear.

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