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Beginner: Which PS3 model should I buy to make sure it'd be compatible with Rebug?

Discussion in 'Official Codename: REBUG Support' started by spanish_biker79, Jan 24, 2017.

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    spanish_biker79 Loyal Member

    Nov 27, 2006
    Hi guys,

    I've never had a PS3 but I'd like to get one and mainly check some of the games. I'd like to be able to load games from an internal or external HDD and try them locally.
    I'm not quite a gamer, ie, I won't be playing online and I usually just play like 1 or 2 h per game to see the dynamics more than anything else, hence that I'd like to jailbreak it so that I can do this.

    I read as well that there's something called Rebug to help you change the firmware of the console and play the games from the HDD. I've now seen that there are quite a lot of models available, for what I could see: PS3 fat, PS3 slim, PS3 super slim and a lot of difference HDD sizes for them. But should I search for one model specifically to achieve this? or any other feature that I should ask the seller to make sure it'd be compatible with Rebug?
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    InFaMouS Loyal Member

    Aug 6, 2017
    PS3 supers can't be modded at all.

    Graph of flashable models: https://ibb.co/nzwOzv

    phats - only if they got hacked on 3.55 i think

    E3 for ps3 slim [Depending on the model from the above link]


    Rebug is a CFW (custom firmware) that has to be installed over 3.55.
    To do this you need to re-flash the nor chip on the motherboard (some sort of patching) that allows you to install said CFW.

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