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Best games ...ever?

Discussion in 'PC and Retro Gaming / Open Free Discussion' started by Gamba, Aug 19, 2011.

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    Gamba Loyal Member

    Aug 1, 2011
    Alright folks,

    Let's bring it on.

    What's your favorite game ever till this date that you absolutely love. Perhaps a trilogy/series. God knows. What's your take?

    I'd go definitely, without any hesitation, say Zelda : Ocarina of Time. This game has everything done RIGHT. From graphics, storyline, epicness, soundtrack, open world, memorable characters, love - hate - despair - struggle - hope - end of the world. Every emotion were so real, you felt as a hero saving the world (not a la Mario) from a shadow demoniac evil guy. Anyway, you know the game , no need to go through it again. So tell me yours? There's a lot more games I'll add up later on.

    PS: I was so into this game that I wanted to dye my hair in blond and wanted to have the same hairstyle as link. Thank God, my parents stopped me from doing so. (Hey, it was the 90's ;) )
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    dangwoot Guest

    it's a tie for me really i spent most of my childhood playing phantasy star 4 and earthbound.....man i put in some long long hours with earthbound though lolz.
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    Digital-Spooker Loyal Member

    Jul 9, 2011
    Anchorage, Alaska
    View attachment 608

    This Game... Is the best game ever. (I had to.. the title.. set me up for it)

    For me, it's broken into the most memorable games I played on each platform (I'm counting physical media, and not through emulation, I'll put best game through emu in brackets)

    NES: Final Fantasy (Sweet Home)
    SNES: MegaMan X (Harvest Moon)
    PS: Legend of Dragoon/Final Fantasy Tactics (Persona 2: Innocent Sin)
    DreamCast: MS Gundam
    64: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    PS2: Resident Evil: Code Veronica X/Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
    Xbox: Urban Chaos
    360: The Last Remnant
    PS3: Heavy Rain
    PC: Counter Strike Source
    VekTrek: Trapezoid

    GB: Final Fantasy Legends 2
    GBC: The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening DX
    GBA: MegaMan Zero
    DS: Shin Megami Tensien: Devil Survivor
    PSP: Metal Gear Ac!d (Persona 3)

    As you can see.. I'm a console whore :p I would include my Atari 2600/5200 but I cant remember the name of the game I played (it was a starwars game where you attack the death star)

    My All time favorite (and I can't believe I forgot when I wrote this) is for the SNES, and those games are Battle Clash, and the Sequel Metal Combat
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    xPreatorianx Loyal Member

    Jul 7, 2011
    Home Page:
    The Panzer dragoon series especially the dreamcast game. Panzer dragoon orta was good, but wasn't the best.

    PC: Crysis, warhead, CS, Half life series
    SNES : Killer instinct
    64 : Ocarina of time
    Xbox : Halo combat evolved
    360 : Gears
    PS3 : Uncharted 2
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    Ploggy Loyal Member

    Jul 14, 2011
    The Valleys
    C16 = Mr Puniverse
    GB = Mario (all) + Wario (all) + Kung fu Master + Donkey Kong + Bad 'n' Rad + Zelda Links Awakening <---TOP GAME!!
    GBA = Sonic Advance (all) Megaman (all)
    C64 = Jet Set Willy
    NES = Mario (all)
    SMS = Alex Kidd (Shinobi World) + Sonic (all)
    SNES = Megaman X (all) + Donkey Kong (all) + Zelda LTTP + Plok + Street Fighter 2 Turbo
    GEN = Sonic (all) + Sparkstar
    N64 = DK64 + Banjo Kazooie 1/2 + Mario64 + Silicon Valley + Zelda LOZ (of course)
    PSX = XMVSF + Spyro (all) + Crash Bandicoot (all) + Worms 1 + RAYMAN!!! + Tomb Raider (all) + Res Evil (all)
    DC = Sonic Adventure 1/2

    That's about it. I know there's still XBOX/PS2/360/PS3 and others but these are games I'll go back to again and again.
    Plus there's probably a lot more, but they are the ones I can think of off the top of my head :)
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    gDrive Not Your Mommas Tranny Clean-Up Crew

    Jul 9, 2011
    Home Page:
    My Favourite Games That I Would Contemplate on Replaying

    Nintendo 64 (my favourite 3D graphics-based games console):
    - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask
    - StarFox 64 (a.k.a Lylat Wars)
    - Super Mario 64
    - Diddy Kong Racing
    - Mario Kart 64
    - GoldenEye 007 (Rare/Nintendo Release)
    - Perfect Dark
    - International Superstar Soccer 64
    - F1 World Grand Prix/F1 World Grand Prix II
    - Star Wars Episode I: Racer
    - Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

    Super Famicom/Super Nintendo Entertainment System (my favourite 2D graphics-based games console):
    - MegaMan X
    - Super Mario All-Stars
    - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
    - Street Fighter II
    - Killer Instinct

    Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis
    - Rocket Knight Adventures
    - Columns
    - Pulseman

    Sega Master System:
    - Strider/Strider 2
    - Sonic The Hedgehog/Sonic The Hedgehog 2/Sonic Chaos
    - Wimbledon/Wimbledon II
    - Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

    PC/Sony PlayStation 3
    - Mirror's Edge (the game itself is quite average at best, but the in-game scenery is what makes it replayable for me)

    Sega Dreamcast
    - Metropolis Street Racer
    - Unreal Tournament
    - Soul Calibur

    Nintendo Wii
    - Mario Kart Wii
    - GoldenEye 007 (Activision/Eurocom Remake)

    Those are the games that I would usually replay over and over again until my fingers and thumbs drop off!

    The Games That I Adore, But Would Not Normally Contemplate on Replaying

    Sega Dreamcast
    - Shenmue/Shenmue II
    - Jet Set Radio

    Sony PlayStation 3
    - Heavy Rain
    - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    - No More Heroes

    Sony PlayStation 2
    - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
    - Tekken Tag Tournament
    - Splinter Cell: Double Agent*
    - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Subsistence)

    Sony PlayStation
    - Colin McRae Rally/Colin McRae Rally 2.0
    - This is Football (This is Soccer)
    - Final Fantasy VII
    - Tekken/Tekken 2/Tekken 3

    - Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance (Sons of Liberty)
    - Deus Ex/Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    - Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory/Splinter Cell: Double Agent*/Splinter Cell: Conviction

    Microsoft Xbox
    - Jet Set Radio Future
    - TimeSplitters 2
    - Splinter Cell/Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

    Nintendo GameCube
    - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
    - Super Mario Sunshine
    - Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

    Nintendo Wii
    - The Last Story
    - No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
    - New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    - Xenoblade Chronicles

    These games are the games that I had a great time whilst playing them, but I wouldn't normally replay them as I feel that they lack replay value (mainly due to the game lacking any elements that make someone want to replay the game, like the in-game scenery, addictive gameplay et cetera).

    Side note: Seeing as some of you guys have bought 2 Sony PlayStation 3 units, with one for modified firmware usage, and one for PlayStation Network usage, I remember my brother buying another Nintendo 64 with a crapload of games, an Expansion Pak and with all the necessary components to run it (due to it being a ultra-cheap deal considering what the seller offered), and also, due to personal reasons, I used to play the Nintendo 64 throughout the whole year! Talk about memories!

    * The Sony PlayStation 2/Nintendo Gamecube/Microsoft Xbox versions (developed by Ubisoft Montreal) of Splinter Cell: Double Agent are a lot better in terms of gameplay than the Microsoft Xbox 360/Sony PlayStation 3/PC versions (developed by Ubisoft Shanghai)
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    Grey_Wolf Loyal Member

    Jul 10, 2011
    NES: Super Mario Bros., Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League, Captain Tsubasa 2, Contra, Duck Hunt, Bomberman.
    Sega Master System: Alex Kidd Series.
    Sega Mega Drive: Gunstar Heroes, Sonic The Hedgehog Series, General Chaos, Golden Axe Series.
    Super NES: Final Fantasy Series, Sunset Riders, Super Mario World Series, Super Metroid.
    PlayStation: Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy Series, Gran Turismo, Tekken 3, Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve Series, Dino Crisis Series, Resident Evil Series, Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, Crash Bandicoot Series, Need For Speed Series, Medal of Honor Series.
    PlayStation 2: Metal Gear Solid 3, Tekken 5, God of War 1 & 2, Black, Burnout Series.
    PlayStation 3: Grand Theft Auto 4, Uncharted Series.
    PSP: Patapon 2, God of War Origins Games, Tekken Dark Resurrection.
    Xbox360: Gears of War Series.
    GameCube: Resident Evil 0, Pikmin, Metroid Prime.
    Dreamcast: Shenmue 1 & 2, Virtua Striker, Soul Calibur, Resident Evil: Code Veronica.
    ARCADE: Mortal Kombat Series, Street Fighter Series, Tekken Series, Metal Slug Series, Super Pang, Aero Fighters Series, Carrier Air Wing, Sunset Riders, Rival Schools, Dancing Eyes, Soul Edge.
    PC: Diablo Series, Command & Conquer Series, Counter Strike, Doom Series, Quake Series, Age of Empires Series, Civilization Series,.
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    sabin1981 Agent Sparrow Loyal Member

    Jun 26, 2011
    Home Page:
    Man, this is a hard thread :( I've owned almost every system worth owning, so this is tough. I'm just going to choose gDrive's route and have a handful of games per system;

    Commodore 64

    -Great Giana Sisters
    -Spy vs Spy
    -The Last Ninja
    -Monty on the Run
    -Jet Set Willy
    -Head over Heels
    -Manic Miner
    -Bounty Bob

    Commodore Amiga

    -Frontier - Elite 2
    -Hired Guns
    -Chaos Engine
    -Theme Park
    -Body Blows


    -DreamWeb (yes, again, the DOS version had orgasmic voice acting for every character in the game)
    -Star Wars TIE Fighter/X-Wing
    -Star Wars Dark Forces
    -Syndicate Wars
    -One Must Fall 2097
    -Jazz Jackrabbit
    -Wacky Races
    -Descent 1/2
    -Commander Keen
    -Ultima VII
    -Little Big Adventure
    -Monkey Island 1-2

    Nintendo Entertainment System

    -Final Fantasy
    -Legend of Zelda
    -Kirby's Adventure
    -SMB 3
    -Ninja Gaiden

    Sega Master System

    -Wonderboy 3 - Dragon's Trap
    -Fantasy Zone
    -Phantasy Star
    -Sonic The Hedgehog
    -Castle of Illusion
    -Dragon Crystal
    -Ultima IV

    Super Nintendo Entertainment System

    -Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
    -Final Fantasy IV
    -Final Fantasy VI
    -Secret of Mana
    -Secret of Mana 2 (Seiken Densetsu 3)
    -Super Mario World
    -Mario Kart
    -Shadowrun (better story/setting than the MD version)
    -Mortal Kombat II
    -Star Fox
    -Castlevania IV
    -Tactics Ogre/Ogre Battle
    -Front Mission
    -Super Metroid
    -Killer Instinct
    -Rock'n'Roll Racing
    -Super Mario RPG
    -Legend of Zelda LTTP
    -Chrono Trigger

    (probably tons more, but the SNES is my favourite system EVER.. so choosing favourites is impossible)

    Sega Mega Drive

    -Outrun 2019
    -Shadowrun (closer to the PnP tabletop game, better gameplay than SNES version)
    -Story of Thor
    -Jurassic Park
    -Sonic 1-2-3-&K
    -Phantasy Star IV
    -Revenge of Shinobi
    -Shinobi 3
    -Eternal Champions
    -Comix Zone
    -Streets of Rage 2
    -Rocket Knight Adventures
    -Another World

    Sega Saturn

    -Daytona USA
    -Resident Evil
    -Fighters Megamix
    -Panzer Dragoon
    -Panzer Dragoon Saga
    -Marvel Super Heroes
    -XMen vs Streetfighter
    -Dead or Alive
    -Street Fighter Alpha 2

    Sony Playstation

    -Final Fantasy VIII
    -Final Fantasy VII
    -Final Fantasy IX
    -Wild ARMS
    -Resident Evil 1-2-3
    -Arc The Lad Collection
    -Legend of Dragoon
    -Chrono Cross
    -Castlevania SoTN
    -Legend of Mana
    -Jumping Flash
    -Front Mission 3
    -Krazy Ivan
    -Darkstalkers 3
    -Colony Wars
    -Soul Blade
    -Ridge Racer Type 4
    -Rage Racer
    -Dino Crisis 1-2
    -Breath of Fire 3
    -Ace Combat 2
    -Street Fighter Alpa 3
    -Metal Gear Solid
    -Defcon 5
    -Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1-2

    (more... but, like SNES, favourite machine ;))

    Nintendo 64

    -Perfect Dark
    -Legend of Zelda OoT/MM
    -Ridge Racer 64
    -Turok Rage Wars
    -Paper Mario
    -Star Fox 64
    -FZero X
    -Star Wars Rogue Squadron
    -Wipeout 64

    Sega Dreamcast

    -Shenmue 1-2
    -Phantasy Star Online
    -Grandia 2
    -Sonic Adventure 1-2
    -Metropolis Street Racer
    -Skies of Arcadia
    -Jet Set Radio
    -Soul Calibur
    -Marvel vs Capcom 2
    -Record of Lodoss War
    -Project Justice/Rival Schools
    -Tech Romancer

    Sony Playstation 2

    -Wild ARMS Alter Code F
    -God of War 1-2
    -Shadow of the Colossus
    -Final Fantasy X
    -Dirge of Cerberus
    -Fallout - BoS
    -Baldur's Gate 1-2
    -Front Mission 4-5
    -Grandia 3
    -Rogue Galaxy
    -Dot Hack
    -Kingdom Hearts 1-2
    -Ridge Racer V
    -Soul Calibur 2-3
    -Persona 3
    -Dark Cloud 1-2
    -Killer 7
    -Battle Engine Aquila
    -Castlevania Lament of Innocence

    (tons more, as usual)

    Windows PC

    -Deus Ex
    -Max Payne 1-2
    -Star Wars Knights of the Republic 1-2
    -DeathSpank 1-2
    -System Shock 2
    -Space Rangers 2
    -Dead Space 1-2
    -Alpha Protocol
    -Dragon Age: Origins
    -Mass Effect
    -Dungeon Siege 1-2-3
    -King's Bounty (series)
    -Vampire Bloodlines
    -The Longest Journey
    -Dreamfall - TLJ
    -Thief 3
    -Titan Quest
    -Unreal Tournament 99/2k4
    -Batman Arkham Asylum
    -Alien vs Predator 1-2
    -Baldur's Gate 1-2
    -Fallout 1-2
    -Dark Messiah
    -Divine Divinity
    -Divinity 2 DKS
    -Heroes of Might & Magic 3/5
    -Gothic 2-3
    -Half-Life 2
    -Neverwinter Nights
    -Star Wars Jedi Knight 1-2

    (see SNES/PS1)

    Honourable Mentions

    Nintendo Gameboy: Gargoyle's Quest
    Sega GameGear: Shinobi 3
    Sinclair Spectrum: Skool Daze
    Atari Jaguar: Alien vs Predator
    Atari Lynx: Scrapyard Dog
    NEC PC-Engine: Castlevania Rhondo of Blood
    Panasonic 3DO: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
    Nintendo Gamecube: Skies of Arcadia Legends
    Nintendo Wii: Xenoblade
    Microsoft Xbox: Jet Set Radio Future
    Microsoft 360: Fable 2
    Sony PS3: Heavy Rain
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    sabin1981 Agent Sparrow Loyal Member

    Jun 26, 2011
    Home Page:
    Ooh ooh, I forgot one;

    C64: Tai-Pan.

    My stepfather and I played this to DEATH. No, really, outside of Park Patrol and Daley Thompson's Decathlon, nothing brought us together like Tai-Pan.
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    B3nji Loyal Member

    Jul 3, 2011
    Was heavy rain a good game?
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    sabin1981 Agent Sparrow Loyal Member

    Jun 26, 2011
    Home Page:
    I'll just say this; I bought my PS3 solely for Heavy Rain.

    I loved my C64, loved it with a passion and it was my MUM that taught me how to copy games (Zing!) as well as how to get problematic games loaded by tweaking the POT on the datasette :D My mum has always been a huge gamer, she originally bought the C64 for herself, she loved playing Monty on the Run and Fahrenheit.
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    gDrive Not Your Mommas Tranny Clean-Up Crew

    Jul 9, 2011
    Home Page:
    All this talk of gaming parents make me wish that I had gaming parents too!

    Oh well, at least I had a brother who loved gaming since I was a retarded kid, but he's grown out of gaming now!
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    sabin1981 Agent Sparrow Loyal Member

    Jun 26, 2011
    Home Page:
    I'd give anything for a new, but CLASSIC, Metroid game. I'm tired of these god damn FPS style ones :( The last one was Zero Mission on the GBA and it RAWKED (Other M doesn't count, since it was pseudo 3D oriented) As for classic games remade?


    FUCKING HELL YEAH!! I binged friggin' hard on the old Microsoft/Sega MSX version .. I never knew it was out for the C64. Aliens Remake, baby! ^_^

    For the rest, including godlike titles such as Alien Breed and Monty on the Run, check;

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    Digital-Spooker Loyal Member

    Jul 9, 2011
    Anchorage, Alaska
    I was excited for the Chrono Ressurection before Square came and shit on the party and killed it.. it would have been a 3D Chrono Trigger (and it looked awesome for being a pet project that would have been free for everyone)

    Though you know, the Metroid Prime games weren't bad, I just got my Metroid Other M in the post (4$ ftw from someone who doesn't know the value of it on resale lol) so I'll be playing that, and I've been playing Super Metroid on and off using SNES9x GX on the wii, and yes Zero Mission was awesome, (fusion was good too, looking past the linearness of it)
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    Ant Davis

    Ant Davis Loyal Member

    Jul 12, 2011
    North Carolina, US
    -Castlevania 1 and 3
    -River City Ransom

    -Sonic series
    -Shining Force
    -Streets of Rage

    -Virtua Racing Deluxe (best console version, even over Saturn version, IMHO).
    -Really, that's it here. What a horrible system.

    SNES (didn't have one, but from what I played):
    -Super Metroid
    -Chrono Trigger

    TurboGraf-16 (didn't have one of these either):
    -Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

    -Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    -Final Fantasy VII and VIII
    -Resident Evil 1 and 2
    -Twisted Metal 2
    -Wipeout series
    -Poy-Poy 2
    -Tekken series
    -Thrill Kill

    -Soul Calibur 2
    -Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
    -Timesplitters series

    -Resident Evil 4
    -Mario Kart
    -Donkey Kong Country Returns

    -Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
    -Infamous 2
    -Mortal Kombat
    -Resident Evil 5 Gold
    -Uncharted 2

    PC (very little PC gaming):

    Keep in mind that I stopped playing video games altogether for about 7 years, going up to last summer, and I had about no idea what was going on in the video game industry during that time. So I've missed a lot of what happened then. I got caught up in other things during the early college years and forgot about games somehow.
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    cerebr_al Loyal Member

    Jul 7, 2011
    +1 to all of the above BUT,

    You all missed ICO on the PS2!

    My additions -

    BBC Micro:
    - Elite - if not the best, one of the best games ever!
    - Loderunner - a port but better than the original IMHO.

    ZX Spectrum:
    - Deathchase - my first motorcycle game!

    - Turbo - way, waaay before Gran Turismo there was Turbo!

    - Bishi Bashi Special
    - MicromachinesV4 - no better party racer - still bring it out at parties

    - ICO - sublime
    - Tourist Trophy - the best motorcycle sim ever and I'm still playing it (not bad for 7 year old game!)
    - Okami
    - Rockband 2

    - Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem -truly unique

    - Super Mario Galaxy 2
    - SSB

    - GT5
    - Red Dead Redemption
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    JLM Guest

    GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA IV
    not sure they count as I mostly enjoy modding and doing stupid stuff in the sandbox. I wasted many hours.
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    gDrive Not Your Mommas Tranny Clean-Up Crew

    Jul 9, 2011
    Home Page:
    In my opinion, a game is a game, whether they allow you to mod it or not!

    Holy shit, speaking of mods for Grand Theft Auto IV, have you seen the 'Photorealistic Mod' for that game?

    Have a look here for more information: http://www.metro.co.uk/tech/games/868375-fan-creates-photorealistic-grand-theft-auto-iv-upgrade
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    sabin1981 Agent Sparrow Loyal Member

    Jun 26, 2011
    Home Page:
    I positively adore retro remakes.... and my newfound genre; DEmakes! Making new games look old. Oh god how I want those :D Sadly while demakes are real, the following are just soul-crushing mockups :p













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    JLM Guest

    Those demakes are cool. That's an awesome idea; never seen 'em before now.

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