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Best Games to Watch in the 2020 Season

Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jan 30, 2020.

By GaryOPA on Jan 30, 2020 at 5:17 PM
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    If you are a fan of the NHL, then there is always plenty of action to keep you entertained. Last year saw a historic win for the St. Louis Blues and this season promises to be even better. If you are keen on seeing a game live, then you should plan your trip carefully. We look at which games that are going to take place during this year you should plan on making a visit to watch.

    Oct. 2: Washington Capitals at St. Louis Blues (Blues' home opener)

    After an amazing season last year that saw them crawl from dead last in the league through to winning the Stanley Cup for the first time in 51 years of existence, then everyone wants to see what they will do this year. Their season opener will see them raise the Stanley Cup before the game and then face off against the Capitals who won the Cup in the previous year. This should be a good gauge for how the rest of the season will unfurl.

    Oct. 2: San Jose Sharks at Vegas Golden Knights (2019 Stanley Cup Playoff rematch)

    This season opener will see the two team’s face-off in their first game since the Stanley Cup Playoff’s last year. The 7 game series saw some amazing highlights, which included a stunning come from behind win for the Sharks after they were losing 3-0 late in the third, before a penalty saw 4 power-play goals to put them into the lead, only to lose it to an equaliser from the Knights with 57 seconds to go. The match was then an overtime classic which saw the Sharks edge out the Knights to win. So big things are expected from the rematch from the last time they played.

    Oct. 17: New York Rangers at New Jersey Devils (Kaapo Kakko vs. Jack Hughes)

    This match could see the top two draft picks for the season face off in their first-ever game. This could be the start of a rivalry that could go on for years. Big things are expected by both players and so it is hoped that the game will live up to expectations. But you never know what will happen in ice hockey and there is a chance that either player might not make the starting line-up.

    Oct. 26: St. Louis Blues at Boston Bruins (Stanley Cup Final rematch)

    Of course, last years Stanley Cup final was an absolute classic. The Blues hoisted the trophy for the first time in that team’s history. So, this is the first chance for the Bruins at gaining some form of redemption over them when they face off for the first time since their defeat. Whether the Blues will continue to show the flair and determination that took them to that win remains to be seen, but it is hoped that this will elevate this game to a contest for the ages.

    Jan. 1, 2020: Nashville Predators at Dallas Stars (2020 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic)

    This will see the two teams face off in their first outdoor game of the season. The Dallas Cotton Bowl Stadium will host the match which is always set to be memorable. This year will see Ben Bishop, the stars goalkeeper who was a finalist for the goalkeeper of the year trophy face-off against the Predators goalkeeper who won the award in 2017-2018. So should be a great battle.

    Jan. 21, 2020: Florida Panthers at Chicago Blackhawks (Joel Quenneville returns to Chicago)

    Joel Quenneville helped the Blackhawks to win 3 Stanley Cup titles in 2010, 2013 and 2015 as well as having one of the best playoff records with the team in the last 10 years before he was fired in late 2018. Having been picked up by the Panthers in April 2019 this will be the first time he will return to his former team. This is sure to be a match where emotions are running high as the coach of the decade looks to bring some magic to take his new team to victory over his former team.

    Feb. 15, 2020: Los Angeles Kings at Colorado Avalanche (Coors Light Stadium Series)

    This game will take place at the Air Force Academy in Colorado as they Avalanche host only their second-ever outdoor game. The Kings have also not had a huge amount of experience with outdoor games having only played 3 games with a 1-2-0 record. Colorado meanwhile sits at 0-1-0 so it will be a different experience for both teams which should hopefully lead to a great game for fans to watch. Wrap up well.

    March 1, 2020: Philadelphia Flyers at New York Rangers (Alain Vigneault returns to New York)

    After having had a season off from coaching, Alain Vigneault who had previously coached the Rangers for five seasons was picked up by the Flyers in April 2019. This will be the first time that he will return to Madison Square Garden since his move away and so this will be a game filled with emotion for both teams. It will also be the first time the veteran centre Kevin Hayes as returned to MSG since he left at the end of 2018. Having spent a season at Winnipeg after a trade from the Rangers, he was picked up by the Flyers in April 2019 on a seven-year contract.

    Final Thoughts

    These are just some of the season's games that will be worth checking out if you are planning on attending an NHL game during the year. Obviously, after the regular season there will be a series of playoff games followed by the Stanley Cup finals. If last years playoffs and finals were anything to go by these should be some of the best games that you will have seen all year long. Of course, we don’t yet know who will play in these, but there are sure to be some more historic moments that will make you wish you had been there.


Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jan 30, 2020.

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