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Best Mobile Sports Betting Platforms in 2019

Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Feb 12, 2019.

By GaryOPA on Feb 12, 2019 at 10:05 AM
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    A little bit of nostalgia. Remember those days when mobile phones only make calls?

    The only way to watch sports was on TV or by attending the games. The technology was simple and applications meant what you did to ask for a job. How times change.

    Technology is much more advanced nowadays. You can watch sports on your mobile phone and make money from the game at the same time. The secret? Mobile betting platforms. If you regularly make correct match predictions, turn your abilities into money.

    Below are some of the best sports gambling apps and sites for your mobile. Most of them are registered to operate in multiple countries. So even if you are not from the UK or Europe-based, there will be a platform good for you.


    Be365 is arguably the most popular UK-based betting platform. It’s also the largest private employer in the city of Stoke and one of the oldest online betting platforms in the world. On your smartphone, Bet365 is available both as a browser game and as an app.

    The betting platform is available in over 30 countries in Europe, at least five in Asia and more than a dozen countries in Africa. US players, French, Belgian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish and Romanian players can’t access the platform as well.

    A quick glance at their website gives you a hint of why it’s so successful. The site is simplistic and easy to navigate. While it encompasses both a betting site and a casino, everything is properly designed. You can choose between live in-plays and games not yet started with ease.

    Most of the platform’s football revolve around Europe’s top leagues. Occasionally, international games are listed. However, the site supports more than football. You can bet in almost every major sport, including eSports and Golf.


    Seen on football jerseys for teams like Sevilla and Sunderland, the UK brand is available for players worldwide. More than 50 countries are supported, with the accepted payments being debit and credit cards.

    In 2016, Betfair partnered with Paddy Power to form the giant company it’s today. You can join the platform on either the official app or through your browser. The website is visually impressive with a background image of the Camp Nou.

    The site's menu includes the option to sort through all sports or go directly to football, tennis and a few other sports. You can also play popular casino games, including bingo and poker.

    William Hill

    William Hill isn't known for its overzealous jersey sponsorships but it's one of the top 5 best mobile betting platforms in the UK. The platform is available in several countries outside of the UK, including Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Latvia, and Germany. It's also available in Australia, Macau, and Macedonia.

    The best way to gamble on William Hill’s mobile platforms is to download their light, feature-rich app. You’ll be able to place line in-play bets with no hitches. You can read sports news and access pre-match details up to a week before they happen.

    Like many other UK-based mobile betting platforms, you can access casino games on the same platform. Find a complete review of the platform on bookmakers.net, including the different types of free bets they offer new players.

    Bet Victor

    Unlike Bet365, Bet Victor doesn't strive to sponsor as many team jerseys as possible. Since partnering with Liverpool in 2016, the UK betting platform has been quiet with sponsorships. Instead, most of its investment go toward making one of the best betting platforms you can find.

    Visually, you’ll struggle to find an app as attractive and easy to use as Bet Victor. Most games are a click away. Their odds are competitive and talking to the support team is a matter of minutes. As one of the popular betting platforms, it leads the pack in offering constant bonuses.

    Bet Victor limits its services to the UK and a few European countries. Australian players, Spanish, German and Italian players are some of the nationalities accepted. Unfortunately, the platform also doesn't provide bonus services to all supported countries. Players from Russia, Nigeria, Macau, Greece, and several others can't claim free bets on the site.


    If you love football, you must have seen the Bwin logo somewhere. The betting company has been sponsoring the Portuguese major league, Primeira Liga since 2005. It also paid Real Madrid $29 million some years back to be their jersey sponsors.

    With such an ambitious attitude, it’s no surprise that Bwin released a mobile betting platform long before any other company could. Initially, Bwin’s app was a simplistic platform that only supported a few games. Not anymore- -thousands of sports events are published on the site every month.

    Bwin also offers generous free bets and bonuses occasionally. Creating a site on the platform earns you €50. Most platforms offer €30 or less. Being loyal also earns you lots of rewards and more importantly, you get competitive odds that can maximize your profits.


    1Xbet is yet another popular mobile betting platform that avails its services globally. The company is set in such a way that you are redirected to the company’s local site in your country. If you are Australian, you get to play in a platform with Australian addresses. It also accepts local payments using your local currencies.

    It can be overwhelming to maneuver through the 1xbet site but once you figure it out, everything else is easy. Their sports betting services are placed in the menu named after major sports. Under each sport is a list of upcoming games to bet on.

    If you love betting on popular games, you don't have to scroll through their catalogs. The site's top menu has a ‘Sports' category where you can choose to be on "the match of the day." Alternatively, bet on your national team or head over to live games.

    To Conclude

    Gone are the days when only UK sports fans had access to betting sites. In almost every country where betting is legal, a plethora of gambling platforms will offer betting platforms for all kinds of games. Unfortunately, many local platforms have their challenges. If you would love to play in the best mobile platforms in the world, try any of the services outlined above.


Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Feb 12, 2019.

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