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Best Slots and Casino Games to Play on PS4

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    Casino games are often overlooked in console gaming. There is a generational gap, but it does not on two sides. An average gamer is around 31 years old, while an average online slots player is 39. Slots do not have many game functions as console video games and are majorly played online due to easy access – which is why mainstream developers create fewer of them. They're also restricted and regulated in many countries, further shrinking supply on the market.

    Following trends, video slots play a vital role in our ecosystem. It's integrated into major AAA titles, released in standalone simulators, and debated in legal circles where decisions might affect the industry at large. Nevertheless, the iGaming industry could not pass by the leader in console manufacture. Presenting a list of the best slots to play on PlayStation.

    Where to find Slots to Play on PlayStation

    PlayStation Store lists all titles available on the console. Sony doesn't support real money gambling. The only way to subvert that is by launching the in-built browser and logging into an online casino. Unfortunately, they're poorly optimized for consoles, and this approach generally defeats the purpose of owning a flat-screen TV.

    Casino and slots games in the PlayStation store fall into one of two categories:
    • Social Casino. Games that use credits to simulate a Vegas experience with slots and multiplayer table games – poker, slots, craps, roulette, etc. All stakes are virtual.
    • Integrated Game. Mini-games inside a sandbox. Games like GTA, Yakuza, and various open-world RPGs often include casino/table games for variety's sake.
    While PC users have instant access to vast libraries of slot games, console players only have a select number of curated titles to choose from. The most popular gambling games on PS4 are Pure Hold'Em, The Four Kings Casino and Slots, GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort, Prominence Poker, Red Dead Redemption, and the Case of Console Gambling.

    Pure Hold'Em

    Pure Hold'Em is virtual poker with six different tables and skill levels. It includes multiplayer tournaments with up to 8 players at any given table. Pure Hold 'em sticks to the classic poker formula. What's unique about it is the ability to gauge other player's reactions by «looking around the table» via joystick touchpad.

    Pure Hold'Em is available in 3 bundles. It has micro-transactions for purchasing sleeves and in-game credits. They allow joining higher stakes, higher skill tables. Unfortunately, the online community is currently on the decline – waiting times in multiplayer can be reasonably long.

    The Four Kings Casino and Slots

    The Four Kings Casino and Slots is free-to-play MMO released in 2015. It's a full-fledged Social Casino – players use virtual credits (chips) to play various games. It includes blackjack, bingo, roulette, poker, baccarat, craps, and slot machines.

    While the base game is free, additional chips, emotes, player skins, avatars, and items can be purchased for real money. In typical MMO fashion, individual avatar customization options are restricted to experience levels – it's a bit like Second Life of social gambling.

    GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort

    GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort is the most recent example of slots and casino games integrated into a major AAA game. Even though GTA Online came out in 2013, it took Rockstar over six years to add an interactive Casino. 'Diamond Casino & Resort' opened in July 2019 and uses chips – an entirely separate form of in-game currency that individually can't be purchased for real money. Instead, players can obtain limited amounts of them from the Cashier. They can be used to:
    • Play table games – poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack
    • Spin GTA-themed slots – Impotent Rage, Twilight Knife
    • Bet on horse races
    • Spin the Lucky Wheel for prizes in chips, cash, clothing, or cars.
    As an additional incentive for players, Casino also introduces a new mission chain and the ability to purchase penthouse apartments in the resort. High stakes VIP tables become available to players with Master Penthouse suites.

    Prominence Poker

    Prominence Poker is another free-to-play game that pools players from Playstation, PC, and Xbox in multiplayer. It starts in a dive bar, pitting players against A.I opponents to build up reputation and access higher stakes tables. Single-player Campaign revolves around outplaying various Mafioso characters in backroom games.

    The economy revolves around Reputation, Chips, and Loot Cases. While the base game is free, players can purchase boosts and chips to get ahead faster. It is a straightforward Poker client fused with modern f2p mechanics.

    Red Dead Redemption

    It's speculated that Rockstar was testing the waters in social gambling via fairly innocuous betting games in Red Dead. Players can make bets on Texas Hold 'em, blackjack, arm wrestling, Horse Shoes, Liar's Dice, and Five Finger Fillet (Knife Game). In the first game's multiplayer, each player was given a daily allowance of $200 for gambling. Games are now limited to Poker and Liar's Dice.

    Red Dead Online recently rolled out an update with poker, but it isn't available in every country - still up in the air how the system will look like a few months down the line.

    The Case of Console Gambling

    According to video game statistics, 41% of gamers play on console. Overall, the games market grows faster compared to traditional entertainment like TV and movies. In this ecosystem, interactive gambling becomes a hot button issue.

    On the one hand, casino games and slots are easily integrated into large sandbox titles or MMOs. They're easy to hook to in-game currencies and implement as time-wasters and side attractions. Some casino games that involve more skill (poker, blackjack, etc.) often get separate games experimenting with mechanics, story, and online tournaments.

    On the other hand, with the rise of microtransactions, loot boxes, and an increase of real money options, games are crossing further into actual regulated gambling. Game publishers are looking to monetize every aspect of play, casinos and slots are distinct ways of doing so. This approach attracts the attention of gambling commissions and lawmakers in various countries, further complicating debates around videogame regulations.

    Nevertheless, the list of console slot games is limited, which means that for now, gamers have to find other ways to gamble in their favorite games. These games to quick play for fun could be found on such sites as on diamond-slots.com. Due to recent findings, mobile versions of online slots are more valued among customers for its easy access via iPhone, iPad, Android, and other devices. Moreover, mobile slots mostly require no download and no registration. For example, Da Vinci Diamonds slot machine free play grants free spins bonus with no deposit. With such a list of advantages, gamblers are more likely to choose online games or apps to play wherever they are. They only need a device and a stable internet connection.

    PS4 gambling can never be the Wild West that PC casinos create. It's a curated, controlled environment. Like with the App Store and Google Play for mobile apps, in the long run, we'll likely end up with metered introductions of slots games in countries where laws allow it. Until this happens, avid casino players have to stick with select few titles that come out maybe once a year without much fanfare.
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Discussion in 'PlayStation Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Dec 23, 2019.

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