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Best Soccer Highlights From 2019

Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jan 30, 2020.

By GaryOPA on Jan 30, 2020 at 4:29 PM
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    Soccer saw a lot of incredible moments in 2019. Here’s some of the best.

    Soccer is quite a core part of American sport. It has a large following, it Consistently generates a lot of excitement, and to be honest it is quite a good game to follow. 2019 so quite a lot of incredible moments when it came to soccer, and that hasn’t changed.

    So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best soccer highlights from 2019. These were the moments that made you jump for joy, hang your head in disappointment, or the moments that genuinely made you stop and question what the heck the ref was thinking. It’s important to get soccer updates, so let’s jump right in.

    Women’s Triumph in France

    Let’s begin with a point of pride for the US soccer fans. The US soccer women’s team took home their second consecutive tournament win, doing so in France this year.

    Overcoming both England and the Netherlands to take home the win, the women’s team performed incredibly well, and showcased the amount of talent which is present in the US. Women’s football has always been something of a controversial topic, with opinions about all aspects of it being quite polarised. However, everyone can agree that the win was well deserved, and helped to give the US some bragging rights.

    The Magic of Carlos Vela

    Carlos Vela was a player who had seen a lot of incredible play this year. However, Vela deserves a mention all his own for being an incredible juggernaut when it comes to attacking power. He has thoroughly entertained all of America this year, by showcasing his skill set and proving exactly why he is someone to watch.

    Scoring 36 goals in 33 games over the course of 2019, he quickly established himself as being a powerhouse on the field and someone to watch out for. It is obvious to anybody who takes the time to watch his play that he is incredibly proficient in what he does. Many people have described him as being the MVP of the entire league, and to be honest, they are not far from the truth.

    Liverpool Smash The Competition

    Turning for a moment to international soccer, the UK team Liverpool have established themselves as being an incredible powerhouse in 2019. With only one loss during the entire season, they went all the way to the top and won the Champions League, as well as the Club World Cup.

    Despite being a strong presence in the UK leagues, Liverpool has not always had the best of performances, and often trail behind other famous names such as Manchester United or Manchester City. However, this year they were absolutely brutal, beating out all the competition to win many accolades and establish themselves as being the international champions of 2019. Whether you follow international soccer or not, only one loss in the entire league is pretty impressive regardless.

    Elkeson’s Meteoric Rise to the Top

    This was a very definitely one of those “blink and you might miss it“ moments. Elkeson is an incredible player, and one of the most prolific forwards to ever represent the Brazilian team, but he recently moved to China to represent them. Thanks to some Chinese heritage, he was eligible to play for the team, and has won many awards, and has proven himself to be a rising star.

    Watching a player depart from everything that they are used to is always an interesting thing. You never quite know how they will adjust, what kind of career they will forge outside of the familiar settings of their home field, but in this case Elkeson has done well.

    Our Take on Things

    2019 was the year of surprises for soccer. On both international and a local scale, we consistently saw surprising results, and it was easy to tell that this year was going to be quite different from all the rest. The season itself was very impressive, and these were some of the most noteworthy stories to come out of soccer all around the world.

    Obviously, the bar is now set pretty high for anyone who wants to set their own records in 2020. It will be interesting to see what exactly people try and attempt, what they do, and how it will ultimately impact the way that we look at soccer for 2020. One thing is clear however it has been a wonderful year for soccer, and there are many things to think about in the future, and the hope that the game and the community will continue to grow.

    All things considered, these are just a few of the different most important moments from 2019 when it comes to soccer. It is an incredibly influential sport, as you can probably work out, and many people enjoy it in large quantities. What you have to remember is that when it comes to soccer, there are numerous different fields of play. Obviously, you have the local stuff, which takes place primarily in the US, and then you have international soccer, which is perhaps a little more detached but just as important. Learning to appreciate all of them is vital for enjoying everything as much as possible. But, there’s no doubt, we’ve definitely seen some incredible moments and it’ll be interesting to see what 2020 brings.


Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jan 30, 2020.

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