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Best way to fix 0110 xbox error?

Discussion in '360 Gaming & General Discussion' started by ssmith43654, Dec 30, 2010.

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    ssmith43654 Loyal Member

    Nov 22, 2010
    Yesterday my xbox developed the 0110 error code. It froze after 1 minute of startup, the next time i turned it on it gave me the 0110 which is to do with the ram chips.

    As the xbox has never overheated at all, do you suppose its just a little cold solder joint under the ram chip thats worked its way loose?

    How should I fix this, would a little bit of heat gunning over the ram chips work fine?

    Or should i do the towel trick? And how do I do the towel trick?

    Or should I do it with a blow torch?

    Should I put a little flux under the chips before I heat it up to let the solder reflow better again?

    I reckon I just need to do a simple reflow on the top ram chips with a heat gun?

    Any Ideas, also don't tell me to send it back to Microsoft, as the case has already been opened and the warranty void.

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    bailey Loyal Member

    Apr 12, 2008
    The towel trick is a big no no it will wreck your 360 as it heats up everything which does more harm than good and you'll be lucky if it lasts a week. If you're sure that its the ram chips that are causing the rrod. You want to buy some no clean flux and apply it to the solder joints of the ram chip. Take your heat gun and at a fists length away go over the bottom of the board for 1 minute, the whole board that is. Turn your motherboard over, you can use your hands it will only be warm. Heatgun the ram chip for 3 minutes in a circular motion. Avoid any contact with capacitiors and plastic parts. When done leave it for 40 min, it's important that you do not touch the motherboard, move it or knock it in these 40 min. After 40 min reassemble your 360 and check if it works.

    If that doesnt work I'll give you a link to my rrod repair guide.

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