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Can dump Amiibo but unreconized Amiiqo

Discussion in 'Official 'N^2 Elite' Support Forum' started by jonhphenato79, Jun 4, 2018.

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    jonhphenato79 Loyal Member

    Jun 4, 2018
    I have a feeling that the only phone I have which is a HTC DNA Droid will not work. But wanted to make sure. I can dump a Amiibo without any problems. But as soon as I scan the Amiiqo disk I get unrecognized NFC tag. Which I have read all over the forums that most phones that are on 4.4.3 don't work or have issues. So guessing thats the problem. Which sucks because to unlock the bootloader on this phone is going to cost 25 bucks to be able to root and put a newer rom on it which might fix it. I would guess rather wait till the new usb reader and writer comes out instead of spending the 25 to unlock this boot loader on this phone. My main phones that I have are iphone 6's and windows phone and other is zte android phone which doenst have a nfc antennae in it.

    Has anyone gotten around the unrecognizable error since it is dumping a regular Amiibo. Just wanted to make sure... If not then guess I will be waiting for the usb reader and writer. Thanks again.

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