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Casino and Marketing: What Every Player Should Know

Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Oct 12, 2018.

By GaryOPA on Oct 12, 2018 at 6:17 PM
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    With every dawning day, online gambling is becoming more popular thanks to easier access to the internet and the exponential increase in mobile device usage.

    For most of us, internet gaming is a recreational activity, something that we do to pass the time or relax. But for the casino operators, it is a business, and as expected, the main aim of any business is to get profits. As such, you should be very much aware that there isn’t any form of online business that can thrive without specific digital marketing techniques. Consequently, to edge out their competition, these online casinos constantly keep improving their marketing strategies to make it more appealing to people and in turn attract more players.

    It’s no wonder why you’ll get chances, for instance, to enjoy a few free Starburst slot machine rounds before you can go ahead and spend your real money. So, to help you understand how things go in the internet gaming business, some of the creative marketing strategies used to attract new players and also to keep ongoing players on the hook include:
    • Content Marketing
    It is one of the best methods used to promote any online business, and online gambling is obviously not an exception. Most online casino operators produce very engaging and unique content about the house to campaign for their casino brand. Some of the examples of content marketing are when the house produces blog posts on gameplay techniques for rookies with detailed information on the features of games they will play like graphics and in-game rewards. On their blog sections, you will also come across information about latest game releases from top software developers like NetEnt and Betsoft. In such scenarios, potential players can easily find out about the new features to expect, for instance, when Virtual Reality games were first introduced in online casinos.
    • Catchy Bonuses and Free Playing
    Another popular element used to promote online casino businesses is by the introduction of new lucrative promotions and bonuses. Currently, you will find online casinos going the extra mile to entice new users by introducing reward packed welcome bonuses that even include free spins on the newest slot machine titles. Sometimes, they tweak the welcome offers to be deposit-free, i.e. they don’t require players to makes an initial deposit. By doing this, many players will flood the casino because of how lucrative the welcome offer is. Who doesn’t want to enjoy playing without having to start spending cash?
    • Social Media Campaigns
    In this social media age, players in online gambling tend to share their experiences on social media platforms to earn respect and bragging rights. More generous gamers, on the other hand, could also share tips and strategies to help fellow betting fans earn more bang out of their buck. And this makes social media another effective way of promoting any gambling business. Operators thus take to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to promote their casino brand by sharing interesting information about the site like new games and upcoming promotions. The best thing about social media is that any interesting bit of information could easily be shared by hundreds of thousands and even millions of players with the single click of a button!
    • Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate marketing is also very important in promoting any online business. And since online gaming operators know this, they employ digital techniques to improve player traffic to their sites. Some of the most popular affiliate marketing techniques include Search Engine Optimization, a process which involves making the name of the gambling site to appear at the first results in Google’s search engine. It is a very effective way in redirecting traffic any gambling site, and to know this, search for your favorite casino game, and you’ll see the number of casinos that will appear among the first search results. Besides, operators also use affiliate marketers, write nice reviews about their gambling sites and share them on other forums so that potential punters can see.
    • Creating Gamer Forums
    This is also an exceptionally effective practice in promoting the casino business. Having these forums will allow the players to interact freely. This interaction can be very good as new players can learn new strategies from veteran players. What’s more, it brings a sense of transparency as potential customers can see the testimonies from other ongoing punters about the site. When the majority of the members of the house have good things to say about the services offered, it attracts even more players to the site.
    • Email Marketing
    Like SEO and social media, email marketing is also exceptionally effective because of the kind of personalized effect it brings to the recipients. Gaming sites seem to have a standard practice of sending out periodic newsletters to the potential players via email about new casino games, latest bonuses and promotions, as well as casino tournaments and any other exciting content. This is a convenient way for subscribers to get notifications about any new thing in the online casino market instead of looking for the information by themselves. And if the offer in the email feels good enough for you, you can redeem it in a single click, and you are good to go!
    • Mobile Marketing
    As we speak, the younger generation in the online gambling industry enjoys playing on the go via their smartphones over the internet. So, you will find that the sharpest gaming site offers exclusive mobile gambling support complete with native apps for popular platforms to attract millennial's there. To make things even more interesting, you will find that mobile support also includes the SMS notification feature for all the players using mobile devices so that they can get real-time notifications about new features of the casino site. In fact, in some cases, you can even place your wager via SMS in cases of sports betting and lotteries, without even having to get connected to the internet!

    Final Thoughts

    The marketing techniques we have described above have proven to be very rewarding in promoting any online casino. If you read between the lines as a player, you can easily spot these techniques. Just know that as you search online for your next big hit, there’s a different take of things on the other end, the business side of things. It’s no wonder why after claiming a bonus, there are usually wagering requirements that you will have to fulfill so that the house can also benefit. We typically advise our fans to read the fine print before redeeming any promotion so that they aren’t caught off-guard with the terms or rollover requirements later on!


Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Oct 12, 2018.

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