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COBRA QSV 5.10 questions and concerns on download and setup

Discussion in 'General Discussion on Other ODE devices' started by MOTLEY679, May 29, 2014.

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    MOTLEY679 Loyal Member

    May 29, 2014
    Hello im getting ready to buy cobra ode qsv 5.10 for my ps3 next week I have an awesome site to buy from http://www.aliexpress.com/item/FREE...r-For-PS3-Slim-Super-Slim/1649891910.htmlOkay I Have concerns I have the 4001c ps3,i want to know what am I looking at to do once I install cobra to the ps3???? im seeing some lil things about a 4.55 bypass??what's that and where can I get it? Is there like an un official or official site that has it all games and such..? id also like to know will I still be able to play a normal disc.my main concern is I can see me installing this and never being able to play ps3 again.id like to know what am I looking at and could yall possibly guide me with the download setup to get cobra working right and how do I do a iso or whatever download for ps3 games, I just want to make sure I have everything setup before I start doing so.I appericaiate anyones help and im highly greatfull of anything hope to hear feedback-MOTLEY679
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    pepslight Loyal Member

    Jun 20, 2014
    Hey MOTLEY679. I am no expert so apologise me if I make mistakes,

    I have a super slim as well just like you, but I already installed the Cobra Ode.
    First of all you will need some soldering equipment, you will need to remove 4 small smt resistors, some experience: To install your cobra ode you will need to make 10 soldering connections, by guessing and looking at it I would say its a SMT of 0603 0402
    If you never ever soldered or touched a soldering iron before I would strongly advice to train yourself using old pcb boards to avoid frying your ps3 motherboard , i started with around smt 2012 and its quite easy, but right now from my personal experience I am felling confident going around 1005 and a bit scared on 0603 and avoiding 0402. Ok I just made this quite boring explanation to explain that, if in case you want to go back and resolder the 4 resistor on your motherboard, that you already know what monsters expect you, Having quality equipment make the task easy.

    You will find all information on the official Cobra ode website, they are a bit slow but it works :amused: http://www.team-cobra-ode.com/

    I used this video to install: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJMdW7eMAiY
    (The funny thing is that on the PDF manuals they show another method from this video, on the pdf they place the Cobra on top of the fan, and in the video bellow the motherboard. I used bellow the motherboard.)

    you will have to take a good look and read how to do it, you shouldn't update your console.
    Now the big problem that may stop you is that from now on you will need a SWAP DISC to be able to launch a game
    you will need a BLURAY BURNER to create a swap disc and a loot of time,
    its more explained on the Bypass manual on the official website. But basically you have a burned bluray disc burned with an original game and every time you select a game from the XMB (Main ps3 Menu) you will need to swap dvds

    I purchased my Cobra ode from Aliexpress as well, 2 times, no trouble, just last time from the customs, I live in Germany Had to pay 7Euros

    I didn't finish my Ode yet Im having trouble with the error 80010017 and will open a topic soon, but my soldering is good

    YOU WILL BE ABBLE TO PLAY ORIGINAL LIKE BEFORE!!!! so dont worry, since the 4,55 update the passthrough mode wasn't working, meaning i cant play my originals :broken: I discovered the switch wasnt working anymore and I hadn't any passtrought mode from my XMB cobra menu, I found out I had to copy the manager.iso file to COBRA folder and in the Cobra settings select
    , I had trouble as well with my Hardrive it was sucking to much power and making the ps3 shut itself off Using a self powered hardrive worked


    Im really tired and made a bunch of mistakes sorry, good luck if you totally didn't got it dont be shy I will try to write better than cheers and good luck

    Edit: Here is a picture of my ps3, I did a kind of different way, normally this little usb board people stick behind it covering the circulation flow so I just glued on top and to get it out I cut a bit from the power supply plastic IMG_1082.jpg font201310081150073125.jpg
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