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CSGO: Tips from Professionals

Discussion in 'PC Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Oct 22, 2019.

By GaryOPA on Oct 22, 2019 at 4:42 PM
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    CSGO newbie players frequently look for ways to improve their skill level. In this article, CSGO match betting experts share their set of recommendations on the topic. Here you will also find common mistakes of new players along with simple and useful tips. Nobody guarantees this article to help you play like a god instantly. Still, it is definitely worth your attention if you’re a newbie CSGO player.


    CSGO Skill Improvement: What NOT to Do

    Most recommendations in this list are general, and some of them may be irrelevant in particular in-game situations. Use these tips, but don’t forget about the common sense.

    Let’s start with points you should NOT do:
    • DO NOT aim to hit the bottom part of the body or legs of your opponent.
    • It is not always worth to start defusing the bomb at once. Check the bombsite, count remaining enemies and then decide how to act. In some cases, you may be lucky to defuse the bomb without previously scouting the site, but it is still better to be aware of the situation when possible.
    • DO NOT hold your LMB after you fail to neutralize an enemy with 10 bullets. Release the trigger and wait until your recoil calms down.
    • DO NOT shift-walk when the enemy knows your position or there is only one bombsite entry (for instance, the B base on the Inferno map).
    • DO NOT reload your weapon while you stay in a dangerous place and there still are more than 5-6 rounds in your magazine. Find a safe corner, and then press “R”.
    • DO NOT pick a corner until you finish your reload.
    • DO NOT buy a helmet when you know an enemy has an AWP or AK. That’s the way to keep your economy fine.
    • DO NOT go for eco-rounds when you have ~ 3500 $ as T or ~ 4000 $ as CT. Again, do not buy a helmet.
    • DO NOT go in for eco after losing a pistol round as CT or T (unless you planted the bomb during that round). Buy a helmet+pistol, Scout or Mag-7. You’ll be able to buy items before the 4th round no matter how the 2nd one ends. Additionally, it is not too hard to win the round 2.
    • DO NOT stand near the player picking the corner (especially if that’s your sniper). You risk irritating them and spoiling the round for the team.
    • DO NOT show the bomb to your enemy too early. Just throw it to a safe corner where defense players won’t see it.
    Here is the most important tip: DO NOT flame on your teammates. Your game will become better at once. Believe us and check it yourself.

    CSGO Tips to Use

    Now, let’s switch to the points you should keep up with:
    • Try prefiring headshots to default map spots.
    • Fake when planting the bomb to get the easy kill chance.
    • For silvers: USE GRENADES! The grenade used correctly can win many rounds and games for you.
    • Use Molotovs when defending the bomb. Sometimes, it is worth for one player to save his Molotov till the end of the round to use it at the right moment and buy some time.
    • Plant the bomb in the open, and don’t forget to warn your teammates about its location.
    • Learn different grenade throwing positions to increase your skill level. YouTube is a perfect studying guide for that. It’s 2019, so use possibilities!
    Don’t forget: sometimes it is better to accept your weaknesses and rely on your teammates more.

    Stay friendly and optimistic. Your chances to make a comeback are two times higher when you maintain high morality!


Discussion in 'PC Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Oct 22, 2019.

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