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Discover Where To Sell Retro Games

Discussion in 'Retro Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jun 3, 2019.

By GaryOPA on Jun 3, 2019 at 12:56 PM
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    Do you have a lot of video games on your shelf? If you do not play them anymore, it is always possible to sell your video games and get a bit of extra money for other forms of entertainment.


    Next time when you are tidying up your house or move to a new place of living, do not throw away your old games because they hold some value. Do not think that video games have to be up-to-date to be worth interesting to potential customers. You will be surprised to discover that retro video games can bring you much more cash compared to brand new ones. If you are a lucky owner of “Atari” or “Commodore 64” games, this is an absolute lottery. The situation is even better if you still have the gaming console, all functioning joysticks, and controllers. In the following post, you will discover where to sell retro games and how much money you can get for them.

    Selling your video games in specialized shops

    The easiest way to sell your old games is to bring them to a specialized shop and get some cash straight away. Many shops are ready to pay good amount of money for both games and consoles. However, if you sell your Retro Games Online, you will increase your chances to get paid higher.

    Here are several websites where you can sell your used video games. Choose the option that works best for you:

    GameStop - To check the value of your old-style video games/consoles/accessories, you must visit the website. Selling your games here is much more profitable than you can do in the traditional shop. You can take your time to compare numerous offers to be sure that your deal is fair enough. Using the services of GameStop, you will be paid in cash, or you will receive a trade credit.

    Best Buy - It is another trustworthy website to sell your old games. Visit the website and check the titles of the games you want to sell here. You will see how much the following chain is ready to pay you. Think carefully whether the offer interests you, print off their prepaid shipping label, and send the games via mail. Best Buy will assess the condition of your video games, and you will receive a gift card within ten days of receipt. Best Buy buys consoles, electronics, and video game accessories.

    Selling and shipping a batch of old video games

    This option is perfect for people who are busy to bring their video games to specialized shops or to sell each video game online individually. Check out the following buyers:

    CashForGamers.com - You are requested to specify the video game/consoles that you want to sell, then print out a shipping label, which is prepared for free to send them into the destination. The payment option is either PayPal or a mailed check. People who send them more than $50 worth of merchandise will receive free shipping supplies bonus.

    Decluttr.com - Once you visit the official website, you have to type in the barcode on the back of your video games. Alternatively, there is the possibility to download their application and use it for scanning the barcodes. They will provide you the free shipping label to mail in the desired video games. After receiving the package with your video games, Decluttr experts will inspect all the items, and you will receive the payment the next day, via the direct deposit/check/PayPal/charitable donation.

    Secondspin.com - This service is very practical because they have the selling calculator to evaluate the price of your video games. You will get the pricing ones they are interested in your video games. It is possible to sell music CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays out there. If you want to make a good deal, check the section called “Hot Game Trade-Ins.” If you have a lot of items to sell, it is recommended to use the bulk sell form. The payment is done via PayPal/mailed check/store credit.

    Selling old video games online

    If you are not in the emergency to get money and you are much more interested in maximizing your cash, it is recommended to list your retro video games individually, and wait till the best buyer contact you. Try the following online places:

    Amazon Marketplace: Use Amazon Marketplace to get your video games in the basic Amazon listings. Your games will be put in front of millions of potential buyers. You should also check the trade-in program by Amazon, which is created exclusively for video games/music CDs/DVDs/electronics.

    eBay.com - You can try putting old video games for auction at eBay. Very often there is a so-called bidding war, which can push up the selling price. This strategy works mainly with the most popular or hard-to-find games. Also to increase your chances to make a good deal, list the games during the holiday when many people buy gifts.

    Facebook Marketplace - It is the easiest way to sell games locally. You will not find any listing fee, and usually, all items are sold quite fast. Just create the listing with eye-catching photos, and maybe your games will be sold today. Note that you must use your own photos, if you want your video games to be sold faster.


    With the years video games and consoles change a lot. At the same time, retro items are always in big demand. That is why you can get paid for classic video games. Think about how you prefer to sell them, either online or in person. Good luck!


Discussion in 'Retro Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jun 3, 2019.

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