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Dragon Ball Fusions (EU)

Discussion in 'Game Cheat Codes Discussion' started by Jitsuryoku, Jan 21, 2018.

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    Jitsuryoku Loyal Member

    Jun 4, 2015
    Figured I'd share the codes I made for European version of dragon ball fusions to celebrate retrieval of fort42 database that I had some personal work saved on (huge thanks to GarryOPA for finding and sharing it). By the way, that database has same codes for US version.

    Credit for these codes partially goes to fort42 contributors. I made these codes myself, but I would have probably made a lot less if US ones didn't give me the ideas of what to look for. Unfortunately, the website does not work, so I cannot look up their names to credit them properly...

    Use at your own risk, some of these codes aren't "clean" and could be detectable. For instnace Unlock "Legal" Characters code flags 1018 entries, while there are only 1009 characters (so effectively, you get 9 "unlocks" of non existent content that COULD be detectable).

    -Instant turn does not take priority over first move passive.
    -Zenkai attack combo cheat sets hit count really high and that vastly increases your experience gain. Avoid using it if you do not want to over-level your characters.
    -Max level for 2ndary characters takes effect after battle or reload.
    -Character rank modifier (0-C, 1=B, 2=A, 3=G, 4=G) takes effect after saving and reloading. Also it does not affect fusion results, so it's kind of pointless if you fuse your character...
    -Unlock "Legal" characters only unlocks characters that you can actually get in game (excludes japanese QR code ones).
    -Unlock all characters, flags all character entries as unlocked (including QR code ones and 60+ of reserved slots)
    -All trainings code is not a "clean" one, as it covers some trainings that do not exist (similar to all character unlocks)

    By the way, this is all made for v1 (no updates), but do let me know if they work on higher versions. I'm probably not going to update them, but I might.... If you decide to test, try both pointer and direct address ones. For instance: Max Energy (direct adress) and Full Ultra Gauge (pointer).
    By the way, @GarryOPA, if you are reading this, Max-cheats, could really use a different page structure, that would keep all codes of 1 game in 1 page (something like max-cheats.com/00040000001AAA00 containing all codes for Dragon Ball Fusions (EU), rather than having 5 pages for each few sets of codes, like US version does) and notes to add to entries (like a description or something).

    EDIT: Invalid Data - The text may only contain the following: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, or _()[]-:mad:.+!#= and spaces. isn't making it easy to post notes in code...
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    Jitsuryoku Loyal Member

    Jun 4, 2015
    Oookay.... The website doesn't allow comma signs (,)..... took me a while to figure out what was wrong, but these cheats are now also up on max-cheats.com (or they will be once they get approved).
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    GaryOPA Master Phoenix Admin Staff Member Top-Dog Brass

    Mar 18, 2006
    Design Eng.
    Tropical Island
    Home Page:
    @Jitsuryoku - Approving it now. -- Back in the day, I used to merge the different submitted cheats for similar games together, but the admin interface is crappy, and I got tried of doing it, been looking of revamping the outdated php coding for it to make the site alot more user and admin friendly, hopefully can get that done in a few weeks or less.
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    Jitsuryoku Loyal Member

    Jun 4, 2015
    A good page structure could eliminate all management from it. Like if the like main game page displays all cheats (that can be downloaded as 1 file for a game), each in their own div in markup, but clicking individual cheat blocks shows code/description/uploader etc (also, an edit button would be nice too, because some pointers are chosen wrong and don't work forever).

    That would definitelly require some major changes, but that would keep the cheats of 1 particular game tidy and eliminate the need for management.

    So display: Main Page (with games displayed)==click game==>Game (with codes displayed) ==click code==>code, its description and information about uploader.
    Submission form only takes 1 cheat at a time (strictly limited to code) and has description

    To avoid manual re-adding of each code, you could extract all codes into separate entries and duplicate anything that's left as description.
    so anything that follows a pattern below is a code and is extracted :
    [description] (starts with "[*]")
    00000000 00000000 (exact block of hex values)
    (ends with end of file/stream or start of next code)

    anything that's left is description/notes.

    As I said in earlier post, I doubt it's worth investing into it for 3ds, but if some new consoles/devices with cheats come out, that is a good structure to keep it at.

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