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EA in No Rush to Make More Video Games for Nintendo Switch

Discussion in 'Nintendo Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Nov 1, 2017.

By GaryOPA on Nov 1, 2017 at 7:21 PM
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    EA holding off on making more Switch games until they 'fully understand' the system's demand

    Enjoy playing your FIFA 18 from EA Sports on your Nintendo Switch, as it might just end up being the only EA game on the new Switch, as unlike other third-party gaming companies, EA has decided to hold off in throwing its support behind the Switch just like it did with Wii U.
    Well that is no surprise, we all here saw this one coming long time ago, all we can do is hope in April 2018 when EA revisits this issue, that the Switch indeed sold the 17 million units that big 'N' claims they will do be then, and then more EA games might just appear.

    NEWS SOURCE: EA in No Rush to Make More Video Games for Nintendo Switch (via) GoNintendo
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Discussion in 'Nintendo Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Nov 1, 2017.

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      Oct 31, 2010
      and it starts already, within its first year EA pull out, not that im a big fan of EA but they are a large company and if we can ignore FIFA they do release some pretty good games.

      i am certain other devs will follow soon, we are seeing the same old, devs support being porting old titles to see how they go, but what wont do the switch any favours is that these games are old, inferior, features removed and COSTS MORE.

      take DOOM as an example, yup nintendo fanboys slated shitty games like this for being boring FPS shooters or just about blood and guts, now theyre getting all wet.

      They slate other systems for not running in full HD or mocking them for trying to run 4K, yet the switch can just barely run games at 1080p thats been dumbed down, textures and models look terrible in comparrison.

      And when we also look at other tablet devices, switch being limited to 720.

      again over priced old shite, and this is why nintendo never keeps to its promise of getting better third party support, they test the waters and its not worth to cost to port old games to run on its inferior hardware and end support.

      Id be supprised if R* are not next to follow EA, then Ubi and Capcom.
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      AlbedoAtoned Loyal Member

      Jul 13, 2011
      TBH I'm fine with the switch tablet being limited to 720p. Because The switch barely hits 30fps most of the time, I shudder to think of how games would run at 1080p and if the screen supported it, I know many devs would prefer to make their games 1080p over having a better framerate, and the Nintendo fans would eat it up because they've convinced themselves that they don't care about graphics by associating framerate, a component of gameplay, with graphics instead. What's more is that at 1080p the battery life would be even worse, and the switch would be even more expensive since Nintendo dreams of being the Apple of gaming.
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      DW360 Loyal Member

      Oct 31, 2010
      ha ha nintendo are exactly the apple of gaming, when i say apple i mean that company that charges you way over the top of old hardware.

      thing is the switch no matter what nintendo claim is and never was intended to be a home console, we all know back with the wii u nintendo knew its lost its grip on the home console market and wanted a slice of the tablet market and failed.

      then came the morphus x300 and nintendo copied it, then everyone is like WOW nintendo are sooo innovative, what the actual fuck why am i the only one who sees this is another gimmick to make its cheap shit sell.

      and now nintendo are so predictable, i mean i did say the wii u will be a failure before launched, i did say devs will only port old cheap titles to the switch and predicted within its first year or so third party support will end or be very limited, and i base this on that it happens every time.

      Now over at the beloved Nintendo fanboy site that just last month were getting wet over FIFA are now like F.U EA are a shit company...... i keep seeing this same pattern and i think these fanboys seriously cant handle anything bad, if companies dont support then theyre dying inside because they want said games so bad and get angry and call said games shit.

      weve all herd them slate fps games and blood and guts, watch then cream their undies when they get to play that shit expensive port of doom, something we played what 2 years ago.

      so, more devs will follow EA because i cant see anyone other than fanboys that will be willing to pay more for the same game when its cheaper on the other systems and its an inferior port to the other systems.

      this will have an effect on game sales and this will cause other devs to think the cost to support the switch is not worth it and then release basic apps.

      i am confident in that nintendo do this intentionally knowing third parties wont push its AAA titles and this leaves the gaming market to nintendo and its same old shit titles have next to no competition.

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