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EDGE DS Setup Guide

Discussion in 'NDS FlashCarts, Custom Mods' started by waka_waka, Jul 14, 2010.

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    waka_waka Loyal Member

    Jul 13, 2010
    Step-by-step guide to install the Edge DS with the latest Driver/Kernel/Firmware:

    1. Download the latest driver/kernel/firmware from:
    a) The official website: www.edge-ds.cn
    [​IMG] Our UK server here - it is faster than the official website

    2. Before copying the driver/kernel to the microSD, please format your microSD on your PC. This is to remove all the data on the memory card.
    a) After inserting the microSD into the card reader, go to My Computer.
    [​IMG] Right click the driver representing the microSD memory card.
    c) Choose Format

    d) Click Start to format the memory card

    3. Unzip the file downloaded (using Winrar/Winzip) on your PC
    a) Unzip the driver/kernel/firmware file.
    [​IMG] Winrar/Winzip can be downloaded from www.download.com.

    Note: the following uses the R4 SDHC driver for illustrative purpose. The setup procedure is exactly the same for EDGE except that the driver files are different.

    c) Open the unzipped folder. The name of the folder could vary.

    d) Select and copy all the files shown below.

    4. Copy the unzipped files to the microSD memory card

    5. Copy your own files, including music, movies, pictures and homebrew games to the microSD memory card

    6. Plug in the microSD to the R4.When inserting or changing carts on slot-1, switch off the DS, insert in the cart and then start the DS.

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