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ELEWELT|Ace3DS PLUS-Cheapest R4 Card

Discussion in 'NDS FlashCarts, Custom Mods' started by Charmingbig villain, Aug 16, 2019.

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    Charmingbig villain

    Charmingbig villain Loyal Member

    Jun 28, 2019
    Ace3DS PLUS is the cheapest R4 card to buy free NDS games on any Nintendo 3DSLL (XL) / DS / DSILL (XL) / DSI / DSL game console. It has several built-in emulators that let you play more games and use wood firmware to support game NDS compatibility.



    Ace3DS PLUS highlights

    1.2-in-1 multi-function game card reader (including Ace3DS PLUS).
    2.Fully compatible with the latest Wood firmware (synchronous update).
    3.Several built-in emulators include FC, SFC, ATARI, GBC, GB, MD, NEOGEO, and can play different games.
    4.Support 3DSLL (XL) / 3DS / 2DS / DSILL (XL) / DSI / DSL / DS

    Ace3DS compatibility

    Currently, all Nintendo game consoles can use this Ace3DS Plus card:
    Nintendo NEW 3DS / NEW 3DS XL / 3DS / 3DSLL / 3DSXL V11.10.0 E / U / J and below.
    Nintendo DSi / DSiXL / DSiLL V1.4.5, V1.4.3, V1.4.1 and below.
    Nintendo 2DS, DS and DS lite, NDS

    Ace3DS Plus Flash Card Features

    Perfect operation on 3DS V11.10.0 and DSi V1.4.5
    Supports 3DSLL (XL) / 3DS / DSI third-generation chips for faster operation and lower power consumption
    Custom wood firmware for Ace3ds Plus, LL(XL) / DSI / DSL / DS
    Several built-in simulators, including FC, GBC, GB, MD, NEOGEO, play different games.
    Used by the Ace3ds team.
    Support all commercial roms and homebrews
    Automatically detects the size of the game save data.
    Built-in DLDI automatic patch, automatic patch self-made program.
    Run different SD cards at high speed
    Support SDHC. (2G, 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G)
    Support Slot-2, GBA package, Rumble Pack and other devices.
    Support Wifi games, download and play
    Built-in multi-language
    Choose a different UI
    Support soft reset
    Support AR cheating
    Moonshell V2.10 is attached to the ace3ds firmware.

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