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ELEWELT|How does Sky3ds + crack 3DS 11.10.0?

Discussion in 'We Cracked the 3DS HandHeld in Two' started by Charmingbig villain, Sep 9, 2019.

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    Charmingbig villain

    Charmingbig villain Loyal Member

    Jun 28, 2019
    Looking for any 3ds vulnerability to crack the V11.10.0-43 console? I want to give you the answer here. The most famous Ninjhax vulnerability or flashcard- Sky3ds plus, this is the key to cracking 3DS V11.10 to play free games and homemade games? You can find a solution by reading this article.

    Which 3ds vulnerability can run on 11.10.0-43 FW?

    Is it Ninjhax or other free 3ds vulnerability? the answer is negative.

    Ninjhax, or Ninghax 2.9, it cannot run on the 3DS 11.10.0-43 firmware version. Unable to generate QR code because the official page is not updated on https://smealum.github.io/ninjhax2/. As for other homebrew software exploits, some have been confirmed for 3DS V11.10. They are one of the following.

    OOThax: work
    Steelhax: Works
    Stickerhax: Work
    Note: If you have used 11.7U, 11.8U or 11.9U with any of the above 3ds exploits, nothing can be updated because the payload has not changed (all other regions except "E" can use other payloads for 11.9.) If you are using 11.6 or earlier, then here are all your options.

    Try (unofficial?) otherapp payload from reddit. (new 2 / 3DS only)
    Wait until otherapp is available.
    Use the Fredminer method - you need to buy or buy any (cheap) DSiWare. No otherapp is needed.
    NTRboot - Requires a compatible flash card

    How does Sky3ds + crack 3DS 11.10.0?



    Sky3ds+ is not a 3ds exploit, but a 3ds flash card that plays downloaded roms on your Nintendo 3ds, 3ds xl, new 3ds xl, 2ds xl and 2ds consoles. It's like a 3ds retail game card, but it can be used with a memory microSD card, so it can play multiple roms on a handheld device. Sky3ds plus is capable of supporting every 3DS firmware update as it simulates the official game cartridge running on Nintendo 3DS and you never have to worry about compatibility issues.

    As a 3ds flash card, Sky3ds plus plays Nintendo 3DS games, it only does this, you can't use it for DS game hacks or install DS homebrew. So if you only want 3DS Homebrew, then Sky3ds+ is useless to you.

    If you want to play more than 500 3DS games in One Game Cart, please purchase Sky3ds + Card!

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