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ELEWELT|How to play Astral Chain for free on Nintendo Switch? The answer is here

Discussion in 'SWITCH Gaming Discussion' started by Charmingbig villain, Aug 30, 2019.

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    Charmingbig villain

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    Jun 28, 2019
    Astral Chain was officially released on August 30th, and now we have seen many wonderful comments about the game from many affected websites. Starting with Polygon, Astral Chain is the best new Nintendo series since Splatoon.

    I guess you don't want to miss it?


    Step 1: Check if you have an unpatched Switch unit. The full guide is in the post.

    Step 2: Purchase the Switch modchip SX Pro or R4s Dongle and start the SX OS CFW on the Switch.

    The SX OS is one of the best CFWs for the Nintendo Switch. It comes from the Xecuter team and has the most features and the simplest settings. So I suggest you launch it on the Switch console to play free downloads of roms.

    1. Play Nintendo Switch Homebrew
    2. Play a download/backup copy of the Switch game
    3. Support Play eShop games
    4. Stealth mode that prohibits protection when using SX OS
    5.HDD supports loading games from external hard drives
    6.Emunand safe online play
    7. User cheating cheats in Switch game

    The SX Pro is First Switch modchip, the full suite of tools needed to crack the Nintendo Switch console. The SX Pro, produced by the Xecuter team, includes the SX OS Key, which uses all the features of the SX OS Custom firmware on the Switch. Unlike 3DS Flashcards, setting up SX Pro on Nintendo Switch is a bit different but not difficult.

    The R4s dongle is another Switch modchip, which is much cheaper than the SX Pro and was developed by our familiar R4 team R4i-sdhc.com. It does not have a SX OS license, so if you purchase it, you must either purchase the SX OS Code or install the free CFW.

    Step 3: Download the Astral Chain to your Switch SD card.

    To play Free Astral Chain on Nintendo Switch, you still need to get the rom source from the Internet, it can be .XCI or .NSP. So where do you get them? Google is the solution, if you can't find it, our pre-installed SD card is your remedy. We offer all the games on the MicroSD card.

    Step 4: Enter the album and play the Astral Chain freely on the console.

    Keep in mind that you can only play games on the Switch after the official launch of Astral Chain.Never play a game on the cracked Switch before publishing.


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