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ELEWELT|SKY 3DS Plus Newest 3DS Flashcard

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    Charmingbig villain

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    Jun 28, 2019
    The latest Sky3ds version of Sky3ds plus 2 orange buttons and supports the latest 3DS games. This is the best flash card to buy free Nintendo 3ds games. It supports any 3DS / 2DS v11.10.0-43 E / U / J and has super easy setup and operation.


    EUR2 coupon: ELE2019

    Sky3DS + for all 3DS games

    SKY3DS+ is an innovative 3ds flash card that supports all released 3DS consoles, including New3DS / 3DSLL, 3DS / XL and 2DS consoles (US, EU, Japan)! More importantly, it now breaks the 3DS V11.10.0-43 U / E / J system! You can use Sky3ds plus to play 3ds games on 3ds and 3ds / XL consoles without any system or console restrictions! It has only one card pack and is easy to play!

    Please note that buying the latest Sky3ds + Orange button instead of any other old sky3ds card to play 3DS games.

    All about Sky3ds +

    Firmware: Like the R4 3DS card, Sky3ds+ is also using updatable firmware. The latest version is v114, which supports almost all 3ds games on the market. It is suitable for any 3ds system version and is compatible with ninjax 2.9 / freakyhax for installing homebrew. .
    Compatibility: Sky3ds + supports 3DS games, does not support ds games, does not support eshop 3ds games, does not support regional free 3ds games.
    Comments: Sky3ds + Card is the best 3ds flash card, can play up to 3ds games, is very easy to use, and has been tested by users around the world for many years. no problem!
    Working on the Switch? :Sky3ds+ can't run on Nintendo Switch. To crack Switch, R4s Dongle + SX OS Code is the cheapest way to play All Switch games for free.

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