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ELEWELT | Switch Payloads RCM Loader Jig Injector

Discussion in 'SWITCH Gaming Discussion' started by Charmingbig villain, Jul 26, 2019.

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    Charmingbig villain

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    Jun 28, 2019


    How to use on Swithch:

    1. Open the switch console and insert the RCM loader. After charging for 10 seconds, the LED white light will be on, then the switch will be completely closed.
    2. Install the shorting bar, press the volume, then press the power button, SWITCH enters the RCM state, and the RCMloader automatically injects the payload.

    Switch the payload method:

    1. SWITCH starts, insert RCM loader, LED white light is on for 10 seconds, long press button, LED flashes 4 times, switch the payload, LED flashing color indicates the selected payload.
    2. The corresponding colors of the factory payload program are: ATMOSPHERE (blue), REINX (green), SXOS (red).

    Add/replace the payload.bin method:
    Use a MicrUSB cable to connect to your computer, automatically recognize it as a USB flash drive, copy and paste to update PAYLOAD.

    Detailed instructions for advanced users:

    1. Maximum support 6 payload.bin, sorted by folder name from small to large.
    2. The LED cycle sequence is: blue/green/red/yellow/purple/cyan LED color is displayed cyclically according to the number of files actually copied.
    3. White light - indicates full charge.V

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