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ELEWELT|When will Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite be cracked?

Discussion in 'Official 'N^2 Elite' Support Forum' started by Charmingbig villain, Sep 5, 2019.

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    Charmingbig villain

    Charmingbig villain Loyal Member

    Jun 28, 2019
    No one knows when it will come out, but time should not be too long. Nintendo Switch was only cracked after 1 year. So stay tuned. But before it even came out, there is currently a hacker-related product that runs on the New Nintendo Switch and the All Old Switch console.



    It simulates, backs up and collects all Amiibos for you on the Switch. Just download the free Amiibo file each time, and then you can run 200 Amiibos on the old and new Switch without paying any amiibo data.

    It is the N2 elite and used to be called Amiiqo. It is an NFC toy emulator that currently supports all existing Amiibo ports, which allows you to "mock" Amiibo numbers by backing up and restoring data to your multi-slot NFC disc. It also saves up to 200 digital data on a disc, which means you can store all your numbers in one device. With the latest updates, it even supports Amiibos' cheats!

    You can use a NFC-equipped Android device or an N2 Elite USB card reader/writer for your PC to place a backup copy of the actual amiibo (named Amiibo Bins) on it. In this case, we need to buy any Amiibo character.

    All versions of Nintendo 2DSTM, 3DS / 3DSTMXL are supported by the Nintendo® Amiibo reader (sold separately)
    Support for all versions of the Nintendo New 3DS / 3DSTM XL console
    Support for all versions of the Nintendo WiiTM U console
    Support Nintendo Switch, New Switch.
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    alexqueen Loyal Member

    Oct 18, 2018
    Again, Copy and paste from Mod3dscard post.
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