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eMeet OfficeCore M2 Smart Conference Speaker

Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by SonyUSA, May 15, 2019.

By SonyUSA on May 15, 2019 at 10:01 PM
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    eMeet OfficeCore M2 Smart Conference Speaker

    The OfficeCore M2 is a multi-directional conference speaker with a ton of options jam packed into one portable and ultra-compact package. It boasts a USB rechargeable 2500mAh battery with 12 hours of talk time, Bluetooth v4.2 support, and 4-post 3.5mm input and output ports for forwarding audio to an external device or receiving audio input. There is also a small port for a Kensington lock to secure the M2 to a desk or table so it doesn't wander off in-between meetings.
    base.png ports.png

    The box includes a soft travel pouch for the speaker, a single 4-post 3.5mm cable, a USB-A to Micro charging cable and, best of all, a pre-configured USB Bluetooth adapter (more on that later). The manual comes in several languages as well as a separate guide for setting up the Bluetooth adapter on your PC. Mine also had some promotional material inside that could be redeemed for a free webcam in exchange for product feedback, but I can't say for sure if that comes with every order or just random ones.


    The unit itself is surprisingly hefty and sleek. It does have plastic feet instead of rubber, but the weight of the device seems to keep it in place in most situations and it shouldn't slide around at all. The buttons are all contact sensitive and a bright ring of light is the main method of feedback. A directional light indicates when it is picking up sound from a particular side in one of it's 4 microphones positioned around the outside of the casing, so you can be sure you're being heard no matter which side of the device you are on in a conference setting.

    A single tap on the center of the controls mutes all of the microphones and changes the ring to red to indicate no sound is being sent to the other side of the call. When low on battery, the unit will make a sound every 5 minutes along with a flashing of the ring to show the remaining power level. The battery level can also quickly be checked at any time by tapping the power button and the ring becomes a power meter once again to indicate its status.

    pickup.png mute.png

    In my testing, the pre-configured USB Bluetooth adapter quickly installed itself on my PC and paired to the speaker right away, meaning it was ready to use in under 30 seconds from unpacking. No external drivers were needed-- the only down side is while plugged in, it takes over all sound output from the PC and becomes the main microphone as well until you unplug the adapter. You can manually change the sound options back while it's plugged in, but having it take over all sound devices is probably easier for the average user who wouldn't be comfortable changing sound devices and would much rather just plug and unplug the device when needed.

    I tried the speaker with several phone calls and also connected with the adapter to my PC with Skype, and both were very clear coming out of the M2 and the other party could hear me perfectly from every side of the unit, even at 5 feet away at a normal speaking volume. When I plugged in an external microphone source, I noticed the noise-cancelling switched off for the sound output and changed the dynamics of the audio-- which is neither good nor bad, just a feature I felt should be mentioned. While on, the noise cancelling worked a treat-- the other side of the call never heard themselves feeding back, even when the speaker was set to higher volumes.

    With everything moving to digital and computer based conferencing, the OfficeCore M2 would make a fantastic addition to any conference or board room, especially considering its portability, set of features, and exceptional ease of use.

    You can check out a video of the product features here or pick one up for yourself on Amazon:

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Discussion in 'Official MaxConsole Reviews' started by SonyUSA, May 15, 2019.

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