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Epic's Heavy-Handed Tactics are Working, Shows Borderlands 3

Discussion in 'PC Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Oct 4, 2019.

By GaryOPA on Oct 4, 2019 at 10:08 PM
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    The Epic Game Store’s battle against the PC gaming monopoly of Steam continues. For many months, the vocal opposition has made it very clear that they are unhappy with Epic’s strategy of buying timed exclusivity deals with games, thus beating Steam to the punch of some of the most highly-anticipated releases.


    However, despite the apparent dislike of the moves and he boycott claims, it is starting to bear fruit for the upstart launcher. With the recent reports making the Epic Games Store look even more appealing to PC game developers, the competition may be starting to wear on Valve’s titanic platform.

    Epic holding strong with standard methods of competition

    Epic’s big strategy has been well-advertised as appealing to both the players and the developers. In an interview, chief executive of Epic, Time Sweeney, noted that stores like Steam take a huge percentage of game industry profits, and so the industry was “ripe for disruption.” Steam was well-known for claiming 30 percent of the revenue share, so Epic weighed in by only taking 12 percent. This has helped Epic to grow an impressive library of indie and triple-A titles in a relatively short span.

    They have also been sure to adhere to the traditional methods of appealing to players with free games. It’s a method used by many different platforms of online gaming, with the incredibly competitive world of online casino gaming seeing it as a necessity. Due to so many websites competing for players, online casino betFIRST has moved to offer a no-deposit bonus for free gaming without any strings attached. In a similar move bred through competition, Epic offers a free games collection that changes regularly. They recently caught headlines by making Everything free – with ‘Everything’ being the title of an indie game – alongside Metro: 2033 Redux.

    Epic’s controversial methods are paying off

    Despite Epic offering a much better split of revenues for developers, a question that must run through the decision process to put a game on Epic exclusively over Steam has to be if the platform earns enough traffic. It’s still a new platform and has kicked up a lot of controversies, with many players saying that they’ll boycott Epic. However, it seems as though those worries have been extinguished following an announcement from publisher 2K Games concerning the sales of the very controversial Borderlands 3.

    Not only did Borderlands 3 kick up controversy through a relatively late switch to Epic Game Store exclusivity, but Gearbox Software – the game’s developers – head Randy Pitchford seemed to cause uproar after uproar during the promotional run of the game. Despite all of this and the Twitter movement #BoycottBorderlands3, the game sold 5 million units in its first five days, making it 2K Games’ fastest-selling game. The newest title in the popular series even managed to sell 50 percent more copies than its predecessor, Borderlands 2, over the same five-day launch window.

    These numbers greatly help to validate Epic’s tactics and will undoubtedly draw in more triple-A developers who’ll be releasing the biggest games of the year. Another of this year’s biggest releases, Control, opted for Epic Games Store exclusivity, with the developer, Remedy Entertainment and publisher 505 Games getting $10.49 million for exclusivity and as an advance on future sales revenue. This allows developers to get a guaranteed payment upfront without the need to wait for sales to trickle in after release.

    While heavy-handed to some, Epic’s methods are clearly beneficial to developers and players appear willing to crossover to their new storefront despite the uproar. Over time, Epic will continue to add big-name exclusives, ramp up the competition on Steam, and hopefully force Steam into more competitive practices, making PC gaming better for gamers and developers alike.


Discussion in 'PC Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Oct 4, 2019.

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