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Exciting and Original Super Nintendo Games That You Have to Try

Discussion in 'Nintendo Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Aug 12, 2019.

By GaryOPA on Aug 12, 2019 at 4:05 AM
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    If you had no Nintendo in your childhood, it is not a problem. Nowadays, it is possible to enjoy and play good old games using emulators. While many gamers focus on playing the latest games, some want to enjoy those old games that sometimes was impossible to get.
    Exclusive Super Nintendo Games That You May Have Missed

    E.V.O. Search for Eden

    A very original game from Enix. You have to travel through different periods, evolving and developing. You start as a simple fish, and the ultimate goal is to achieve some Gaia strength (which, incidentally, appears in different games from both the positive and negative sides) in a place under the familiar name Eden.

    The gameplay itself is unusual and original, not like standard RPGs, although, in theory, the game belongs to this genre — single-player game.

    WWE Wrestlemania

    Choose your character from six available (in other versions - eight, here was removed Yokozuna and the "fiery" Bam Bam Biglow) - and into the fray. The fights are made very exciting.

    Characters perform a variety of techniques, using ropes, jumps, grabs, deductions, and other means of struggle. The graphics and sound are also good. Perhaps this fight simulator is one of the best (if not the best) for SNES.

    Michael Jordan – Chaos in the City

    Jordan must save his friends from the basketball team and defeat the crazy scientist. Michael has a set of magic balls: fiery, freezing, homing, steel, and others. He is opposed by various monsters - zombies, spiders, giant eyes, as well as bosses.

    Of course, it will not do without throws from above, for which shields with rings are placed on the levels, from which useful things and keys can be knocked out using slam dunks. It is high-quality and single-player game. The variety of similar games is accessible for all gamers nowadays. Download Roms and enjoy Nintendo games in a few minutes.

    Metal Warriors

    A game developed from Konami. In 2102, according to their forecast, the Earth will be captured by some battles, which it would be time to disperse by now. Specially designed robots are called upon to do this. The game strangely resembles the Cybernator, only here is added the ability for the pilot to leave the car and fight, as they say, on their own.

    But, of course, the main power comes from a robot that shoots with lasers, uses an energy sword for close combat, and also defends itself with power shields — good action for 1-2 players.


    One of the best classic games on Super Nintendo. It came out in the early stages of Snes' existence and immediately attracted people's attention. All the leading publications of the time gave it the highest marks. The thing is that Konami correctly tuned the game to the technical capabilities of the console. Different levels of the game use vertical and horizontal scrolling.

    The game used the Mode 7 image mode available at that time, implemented for this great console. The effect of pseudo-three-dimensionality perfectly tuned to the flying shooter mode, turning it into one of the best hits of its time. The plot of the game is developing in the fictional solar system Illis. It is invaded by the forces of the alien empire, known as the Armada of Destruction, and captures the planets of the system.

    As the last hope, the battleship D117B Axelay with our hero on board is sent to the battle against the forces of the invaders.


    Impressive action game from Red Entertainment and Hudson. We play as a cyber ninja who used to be a man. In the story, one ninja clan decided to destroy another for the sake of the Holy Grail, which can destroy the world. After the brutal massacre, one man still survived. He, who is dying, with the help of advanced cyber technologies is turned into a powerful cyborg to avenge and return the Grail. The cyber ninja’s set of skills is extensive: it is possible to use various weapons (sword, harpoon, shuriken, bombs, super discharge) and all kinds of acrobatic tricks (gliding, somersaults with a blowdown, jumping from walls and screens, climbing on ceilings).

    An essential role in the gameplay is played by the L and R ciphers. Performing the front somersault, the character accumulates strength, which can be activated by pressing the attack or jump. Depending on the amount of accumulated energy during this acrobatic stunt, the character performs an enhanced technique. There are six species in total. One has only to learn all the attacks and maneuvers, and the gameplay will become merely furious.

    Dragon Quest V – Tenkuu no Hanayome

    The first SNES game from the Dragon Quest V series. As you can see, a lot has not changed since the right old console
    from NES. You play as the son of Papas. First, you carry out his various tasks until you are captured and taken to slavery. Then, as if according to Tolkien, you run away.

    While you were in slavery, it took about ten years and returning to your native land, and you see that everything has turned upside down. And you, naturally, want to put everything in order. One of the exciting features of the 5 part is to catch monsters before the battle.

    The capture of beasts is also present in later games, but it is in this part that a much more significant role is assigned because one of the two assistants in the battle will be a captured monster.

    Cannon Fodder

    An exciting game for those who like military theme. You control a group of soldiers who must complete missions. Basically, this is the elimination of enemy soldiers and buildings. The number of your soldiers for each task is limited, and you can not lose them (in any case, not all). For successful missions, soldiers receive new ranks.

    The graphics are average, but not bad music and dynamic game action. It is a single-player game.
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Discussion in 'Nintendo Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Aug 12, 2019.

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