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EXCLUSIVE: Introducing the CLASSIC 2 MAGIC add-on for the SNES Mini

Discussion in 'UnOfficial 'Classic 2 Magic' Support Forum' started by GaryOPA, Aug 17, 2018.

By GaryOPA on Aug 17, 2018 at 10:36 AM
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    CLASSIC 2 MAGIC: Play SNES Cartridges on your SNES Mini (and much more)!

    We here at MaxConsole UnderGround, love Retro Gaming, it reminds us of the glory days of video gaming, and we are not the only ones last month the official Nintendo Classic Mini consoles, outsold the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch combined. So it gives us great pleasure to the able today to present to you THE must have accessory for all SNES Mini owners: Classic 2 Magic

    Thankfully, due to our various 'insider' contacts, we were able to sit-down and have fun with the C2M device, before it officially launches next month, and its truly does live up to its name, bringing retro gaming 'magic' to your Mini consoles, first off it allows you to play your original SNES cartridges, second it even allows you to 'backup' those cartridges to your choose of USB devices, and it also opens up your closed console to allow playing any SNES game you wish, no longer limited to just what Nintendo wants you to enjoy playing again from your childhood, infact you can even now magically play retro games from various other classic console manufacturers, over 20 different systems are supported.

    There is so much more to this Classic 2 Magic add-on, we can't cover it all in our first exclusive look at the upcoming device, so in meantime, check out the official PR details before, and stay tuned for our upcoming review and more news coverage of the C2M.
    You can find out more about all of the amazing features of Classic 2 Magic on its official website: http://classic2magic.com/
    • MSRP: $59.95
    • Availability: September 2018
    OFFICIAL RESELLERS have ALREADY got this AMAZING Retro Device on PRE-ORDER, so check them out below!
    1. USA reseller: http://www.mod3dscards.com https://usachipss.com/
    2. UK reseller: https://www.nx-card.com/
    3. Canada reseller: https://flashcarda.com/
    4. Italy reseller: https://italiamods.com/
    5. ONLYPLAY (Fast Worldwide Shipping) --> https://www.onlyplay.org/snes-c2m/classic-2-magic.html
    6. SHOP01MEDIA (Fast Europe Shipping) --> https://www.shop01media.com/products/c2m/c2m.html?tracking=55d384d869281
    7. COMPRARSXPRO (Fast Europe Shipping) --> http://www.comprarsxpro.com/home/25-class-2-magic-nintendo-snes-mini.html
    And remember to Stay Tuned to MaxConsole UnderGround, as we bring you more in-depth exclusive coverage of this retro device and other scene news. :)
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Discussion in 'UnOfficial 'Classic 2 Magic' Support Forum' started by GaryOPA, Aug 17, 2018.

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