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fai10verf1ow's ps3tools

Discussion in 'PS3 Homebrew Corner' started by Phantu, Apr 12, 2015.

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    Phantu Loyal Member

    Apr 12, 2015
    Updates to a couple of fai10verf1ow's ps3tools:

    scekrit2.exe adds support for npdrm type free to scekrit.exe; calculates the private key used to sign self headers.
    sceverify2.exe adds support for npdrm type free to sceverify.exe; verifies the signature of self header.
    scekrit_npdrm.exe calculates the private key used for the npdrm footer signature of npdrm selfs
    sceverify_npdrm.exe verifies the npdrm footer signature of npdrm selfs

    scekrit2 self1 self2
    sceverify2 input.self
    scekrit_npdrm self1 self2 [public key file] [curve type file]
    sceverify_npdrm input.self [public key file] [curve type file]

    Ps3 tools use the key directory specified by the environment variable "PS3_KEYS" (if defined)
    or else home/username/ps3keys or home/username/.ps3
    [public key file] and [curve type] only need to be specified for selfs signed with custom keys.
    Place custom keys in the exe directory.
    The 2 selfs used with scekrit must be signed with the same key and have the same r value in the signature.
    Since I couldn't find 2 npdrm self having the same r value in the footer signature, scekrit_npdrm was tesed on npdrm self signed with custom keys and random fail.

    I don't know why these weren't included in the original release. Support for npdrm self only requires adding about one C statement. (if app type equals NPDRM, decrypt header) Support for the footer signature requires pointing the app at the end of the self instead of the end of the header.

    includes source, compiles on linux or mingw/windows
    edits to original source preceded by the characters //***

    to compile:
    unpack source somewhere under /home/username/
    the source files will be in two folders, ps3tools and updates.
    copy all files from the updates folder, overwriting original files in ps3tools folder.
    run these commands in /ps3tools:
    (wait .....)

    All credit/thanks to the original authors.
    View attachment psthreetools_v4.zip
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    catalinnc Loyal Member

    Jun 11, 2012
    thanks a lot 4 sharing...

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