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Finding Online Casinos In USA and India Made Easy

Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Jan 10, 2020.

By GaryOPA on Jan 10, 2020 at 7:36 PM
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    Unless you are from Las Vegas, Monaco or a city famous for lavish casinos, online casinos will be your refuge when it comes to gambling. The Internet is full of online gambling sites that promise huge bonuses and immersive gaming experiences. But finding the right casino can be difficult. With all the fake platforms launched to scam users, you may feel discouraged to gamble online. This guide aims to help you find a genuine, easy to use online casino.


    Start with the Basics

    Many scam casinos are making efforts to disguise as genuine platforms. But it is possible to identify some fake platforms by checking basic website features. A website ridden with poor grammar, missing contact and about us page may be signs you are on a scam casino.

    Legitimate platforms have professional designed websites with updated web pages. You can find the site’s ‘about us’ page on the top menu and their privacy policy page anywhere on the site. They share their contact details openly and make every effort to ensure their websites looks professional. The casinos are also secured with the conspicuous green padlock you find on many legitimate sites.

    Scam casinos tend to attract you with too good to be true bonuses. You may find a 1000% bonus for depositing €50 and above. Hoping to make the best out of these bonuses, you rush to send your money only to get scammed.

    Check Review Sites

    The easiest way to find legitimate online casinos is to use a comparison site. Instead of spend time reviewing each platform; casino review websites do the hard work for you. They check all the parameters that define a genuine platform and rank the best casinos.

    Some review websites focus on online casinos in specific countries while others generalize. Country-specific review platforms spend more effort looking for the best casinos in that country. General review sites focus on the best casinos around the world.

    The easiest way is to visit a online casino review site like gamblingsam.com/de. The platform reviews each online casino in the country and ranks them based on popularity, bonuses and free spins offered.

    The best way to find a gambling site if you don’t care about the country of origin is to use general review platform. But before you believe just about any review, do extra research of your own.

    Read the Terms and Conditions

    The terms and conditions page of any casino tells everything you should know about the platform. A genuine company will publish its licensing details and date of registration. You learn about accepted payment methods and policies that bind your contract with the platforms.

    Some casinos allow anyone from the world to sign up on their platform even when they don’t process payments to all countries. Because online gambling is illegal in many US states, some platforms may choose not to pay US players using their platform. Surprisingly, they don’t mention such details anywhere else apart from the terms and conditions page.

    Other important details you can learn about a casino regard their bonus and free spins’ policies. Don’t assume you can withdraw wins from every free spin. Casinos put limits on how to withdraw funds from any wins made through free spins. Read the policies carefully and sign up only after knowing what you are getting into.

    Test Customer Services

    After you claim bonuses with a online casino in india, consider chatting with the platform's representatives. There are numerous casinos that serve India, USA and many other countries. But you want to want to play on a platform that will be quick to help you in case of any technical challenges.

    These days, online casinos have support staff on standby. You can talk to an assistant using a live-chat box 24/7. But don’t assume every platform has good customer services. If anything, the online casino industry has a customer service problem. Only the very best platforms offer excellent support services.

    Game Variety

    One of the reasons people no longer visit land-based casinos is that online casinos offer more games and wider varieties. An average gambling site supports 500+ games. The games range from live-dealers to blackjack games. Some support video games and incorporate sports betting.

    If you dislike the casino atmosphere, an online site is the best alternative. There are no dressing codes needed. You don’t worry about getting robbed or harassed. All you need is the Internet and your device and you could play hundreds of games. Additionally, some of the games are free. You can test out free games conveniently before you spend your money on them.

    While reviewing casino for game variety, check the providers’ names. Top-shelf casinos get their games from renowned developers whose games are top-quality and provably fair. Speaking of fairness, join platforms that are open about the fairness of their games.

    Having access to a lot of games is not enough for a player. Knowing you can play a casino's games and win is important. Winning is after all one of the main reasons for gambling online.

    Payments and Mobile Compatibility

    Online casinos mainly support e-wallets, credit cards, and crypto payments. But always check to ensure you can deposit and gamble on the platform with ease. Some casinos don't support credit cards from all countries. Check to ensure the platform can accept your payment and process your wins timely.

    Additionally, review the site’s processing time. Some casinos take weeks before allowing you to play on their platforms. An ideal casino should allow you to play as soon as they receive your money. They should also process wins within hours.

    Another feature you want to check is the casino’s support for mobile devices. If you love using your smartphone, ensure to pick a casino compatible with mobile browsers.

    To Conclude

    Finding a good online casino is now easier than it has ever been. Review sites evaluate bonuses, policies and payment methods to bring you the best online casinos. But before you join any platform, do some extra research to ensure the casino is already tested and proven to be genuine and professionally managed.
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Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Jan 10, 2020.

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