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[FIX] USB SELF POWERED - By Alfredo Guilenea

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Alfredo Guilenea, Jan 14, 2014.

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    Troop116rules Loyal Member

    Mar 23, 2008
    Well, mine was the same issue, but I found a semi-working workaround I thought I'd share (albeit an annoyingly hard-to-set-up one....I route the power through the wall, so there is not so much noise going through the 5v line). I'm not trying to sound rude, btw. I'm 95% software geek. Circuitry and electric currents are a mystery to me. I never studied them. Hence why I can automate my entire computer life with just my phone (Tasker for Android), yet I know not what a capacitor or inductor does to a current.

    Anyways, I ended up getting frustrated with moving a huge mess of cables from room to room every time a family member wanted to play in the living room, so I ended up contacting a friend to have him install it anyways. XD Kudos to him. He did an excellent job. (granted we had a couple issues along the way)

    Photos below (The excess cable is there in case I want to add a connector to allow me to disconnect the power to the front USB slots for system updates (I might be a bit too paranoid... lol). In any case, I wanted excess cable so I didn't have to have the job redone if I ever do need the said connector installed.

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    adralex1611 Loyal Member

    Mar 2, 2014
    Turmero, Venezuela
    I can put the inductor?
    that do not have it on hand or get it ....
    Give me another alternative to put or not ....
    sorry, my English is bad
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    jarmster Loyal Member

    Jul 4, 2011
    I know the thread is old but it's relevant to my problem...I experienced the same issues with my cobra ode, and noise makes a lot of sense.
    I use a usb powered wd hdd and I've had it kill the system power a lot of times on me. I was always powering for an external power source.

    I had a different issue though that I would like to discuss. The other day I was playing and the ps3 went dead mid game. I tried to reset the system but the ps3 power light would not come on unless I pulled the ribbon from the usb board.
    Long story short....I bought a used cobra ode and replaced the usb board and it all started working again.
    I have obviously shorted out a component on the board but I'm unsure which it would be. If I get the red power light to come on and then plug the ribbon into the usb board, it kills the power. Even with nothing plugged into the usb board. The board lights never light up anymore either and the components by the micro usb plug get hot. Like I said I replaced the usb board and everything functions again so I've pretty well narrowed my problem it down to that orig usb board. I had to buy the replacement ode used and future replacements may be harder to come by. I was thinking about doing this mod, as my cheap ass chinese usb charger probably was the whole cause of this. Whenever I use it on the new usb board, the ps3 power is killed but when I switched to my wife Asus usb charger, everything works fine.
    I'm interested in repairing the original usb board and applying this mod as well. Any ideas regarding repairing the orig usb board are welcome.

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