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Gamesonic Manger v 1.25

Discussion in 'PS3 Homebrew Corner' started by franzes80, Dec 14, 2013.

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    franzes80 Loyal Member

    Dec 17, 2012

    Hi guys, here I am again with a new relase of gamesonic manager this time in version 1.25. this new version is definitely the best I've ever developed from all aspects.


    Fixed support for CFW DEX and 4.46 4.41.
    Added a tools to create and extract the ISO.
    In Archive Manager now supports all ISO (FAT32/NTFS/EXTx) and finds all extensions mkv, avi, mp4, ogm, mpg and media files to make them start with "Showtime".
    Adding an exception in archive management to detect if an ISO is launched from a folder "BDISO", and if it is started by a "folder" is taken as BDISO Bluray Video.
    Fixed several bugs like filenames too long in Archive Manager and have added other small details and optimizations for example (now if it detects a device with NTFS partitions/EXTx the icon changes color throughout the waiting time prior to installation).
    Increased speed and stability of the manager.
    In cobra cfw just get discless patched files and install the game in the BDVD mode and will start without problems.(For this CFW are not enabled the discless locale payload as it needs them)
    Full discless for each cfw.(further files for patched cfw 4.53 to support some games that gave black screen)
    Put new soundtracks to manager just to make it more original.
    NTFS support for each CFW (in testing phase)
    Completely Sthealt for online play.
    source :gamesonic.it
    Thank you:ESTWALD,Rancid-o,Aldo Vargas,Habib,franzes,Pullecalo
    Guys I repeat that the source code will be released when there will be the release of ode version, that I think will take a while to arrive anyway I hope you enjoy my work.

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