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GoldenEye: Source 5.0 - Finally Released After 10 Years In The Making!

Discussion in 'PC Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Aug 13, 2016.

By GaryOPA on Aug 13, 2016 at 9:15 PM
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    Unofficial remake of famous N64 classic GoldenEye with full Multi-Player and HD Graphics!

    A few days ago, we had the fan 30th Birthday Version of Metroid, and now we have totally rebuilt Valve's engine running an updated GoldenEye for all those N64 FPS Retro Lovers out there to enjoy!


    It has been a long time coming, over ten years in development, but yesterday marked the first big full released of GoldenEye: Source 5.0 that is built on Valve's SDK 2007 package (a 2.3gig download), install that then you can download this nice professional 2gigs mod, and be on your way playing GoldenEye like it always should had been with over 25 maps to explore and over 10 gamemodes and more.

    Just watch the trailer, and I am sure like myself, you will be downloading this game/mod, and I think you should be sadly they get a C&D order, like what is common to occur with all fan remakes of classics, lucky for us this IP is still owed by MGM and they not as bad as big 'N' is in shutting down fan projects, but time will tell how long we will be able to enjoy it, in the meantime I suggest you do! :)

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Discussion in 'PC Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Aug 13, 2016.

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