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Great games you discovered late?

Discussion in 'Off Topic & General Discussion' started by Artlover, Apr 29, 2019.

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    Growing up, I never had a SMS. Like many, I had the NES. At the time, I wanted the NES over the SMS anyways. I enjoyed titles like Dragon Warrior very much.

    Fast forward to now.

    I was watching youtube videos, and watched 'tophat gamer' or something like that and his video on if the SMS is worth buying today. He showed a few of the games, one in particular, Phantasy Star.

    Now, I have never played any Phantasy Star game, ever, before yesterday. Ok, I did load PSO on the Gamecube back in the day to launch PSOLoader, but I never played it.

    Loaded up the SMS emulator and gave Phantasy Star a go. Now I'm pissed at myself. To say it's absolutely fricking amazing and better than Dragon Warrior on the NES is an understatement. I can see why it's been called one of the best SMS games ever, which I never heard till 2 days ago..:eek::confused: I didn't know......I didn't know. Decades of my life wasted not playing this game. <sigh!> :( Now I gotta try to ignore the wife and make up for lost time. Better late than never I guess. :cool:

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