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GTA 6 Is Confirmed And The Highest Earning Video Game Of The Year

Discussion in 'Xbox Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jan 6, 2020.

By GaryOPA on Jan 6, 2020 at 11:15 AM
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    2020 has officially arrived and with it comes exciting news for Grand Theft Auto fans.

    Those eagerly following the development of the Grand Theft Auto games can look forward to the impending plans to unveil the sixth version within the near future. However, no official details have as yet been provided by Rockstar Games. Unfortunately, the current timeline being estimated points to sometime within 2021 as the release date, so all the PlayStation and Xbox gamers will have to be a little patient.

    2021 sure does seem like it’s right around the corner, however as many have rightly pointed out, the last GTA – GTA 5 – was initially unveiled more than six years earlier. This means that Rockstar Games has had plenty of time to work on a new version of the game. In addition to the news of GTA 6, it was also confirmed that GTA 5 will be made available to Xbox Game Pass within the near future. This just as GTA 5 will be moving off of PlayStation Now.

    This movement to Xbox Game Pass will allow players significant advantages. For example, Xbox players who have Xbox Live Gold will be able to play Grand Theft Auto Online with a maximum of 30 other Xbox players. Moreover, Microsoft has shared that the GTA Online experience has undergone a total of 25 version updates which have had a variety of impacts on gameplay. Examples include allowing players to visit The Diamond Casino & Resort as well as allowing them to become the CEO of a corporation.

    In addition, Xbox players who have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, will receive the additional benefit of a 10% discount when they acquire the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack or want to procure the Shark Cash Cards. They will also be eligible for this discount when securing residential assets, as well as for select modes of transportation. This may be tempting some players to switch from PlayStation to Xbox, however, there is a silver lining for everyone in this story.

    The main silver lining seems to be that Rockstar Games’ products, such as GTA, are now available via subscription plans – regardless of whether they are acquired on an Xbox or on a PlayStation. This is an especially important piece of information for all of the gamers who were effectively exempt from the excitement of Red Dead Redemption 2 when Rockstar Games and PlayStation collaborated. However, this also heralds an even more exciting thing, it shows that GTA could be involved within the coming updated versions of cloud gaming options and possibly even lead the way.

    In another news, the highest grossing game for the whole of 2019 was none other than the internet – and meme – sensation, Fortnite. In total, Fortnite earned $1.8 billion in revenue, just in 2019. The results were released by SuperData, a division of Nielsen. However, it wasn’t just Fortnite who had an extremely productive 2019, the whole of the gaming industry managed to generate a grand sum of $120 billion. And don’t think this is a fluke either, in fact, the numbers have actually increased by 4% since the end of 2018.

    In total, a wide variety of sources were included in the $120 billion figure. These sources could include esports games, virtually-based games, augmented reality games or even games hosted in a mobile casino. Although online casino games accessed through a normal laptop or computer would also have technically been included. In terms of the war between PC gamers and console gamers, they’re both getting their asses kicked by mobile. In 2019 alone, the mobile gaming sector brought in $64.4 billion, while PC gaming only managed $29.6 billion. If one is to compare this to console gaming’s, $15.4 billion it becomes quite clear that mobile gaming is in a league of its own. It must be the convenience.

    The remaining few billion are attributed to video content that is attributable to gaming (which made $6.5 billion) and the other big generator was extended reality gaming, otherwise known as XR, which contributed $6.3 billion to the final total. Some may be wondering what the secrets to Fortnite’s success was, well Superdata has the answer, they’re marketing department. Fortnite’s ability to align itself with key aspects of pop-culture such as the Avengers and Stranger Things, elevated its appeal to a wider audience and managed to generate a lot of publicity.

    In addition, Fortnite has the elusive recipe of being completely free, but requiring players to purchase a variety of things in the game as well as needing to pay for things like a Battle Pass. As it currently stands Fortnite has over 125 million active players on their online platform and is only expected to grow in the coming year. Who knows what other news 2020 will hold, one thing is for certain GTA 6 will be gracing our screens in 2021.


Discussion in 'Xbox Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jan 6, 2020.

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