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GTA V Missing Files, bug prologue Help Pls!!!

Discussion in 'PS3 Game Ripping, Custom Mods' started by Caio Barreto, Jul 14, 2019.

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    Caio Barreto

    Caio Barreto Loyal Member

    Jul 14, 2019
    First of all I'm Brazilian, and my English is not good

    I have a gta v physical media (CD)
    and what happened, he had mods, and I decided to strip them
    excluding all game files
    with that, I went to reinstall all the updates and the game
    after I reinstall everything, enter the prologue of the game
    when I go to detonate the bomb in the first minutes of the game
    when the cutscene is happening, the game keeps rolling
    only without audio, without appearing anything on the map,
    it's as if the game had stopped and my character kept walking, nothing happens and the npcs stand still
    so I decided to put a 100%
    it even worked, but when I enter the menu (start) does not open
    the map is all bugged, I can not shoot, there are no people on the streets, no cars, the game is practically empty
    already tried to reinstall 5 times, and nothing has changed
    I think some game files are missing
    but I do not know how to solve this
    I tried to restore the ps3 secret menu, I resealed the ps3, I tried to reinstall it, I cleaned the cd, it excludes all update files of the game, I did everything I could and I could not solve
    if anyone knows how to solve this problem I thank

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