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Having issues trying to use private header

Discussion in 'Official 'Stargate 3DS' Support Forum' started by John Smith, Feb 9, 2018.

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    John Smith

    John Smith Loyal Member

    Feb 9, 2018
    So I have some saves from my sky3ds that no longer works. Since I was using a private header, I cannot use these saves on the Stargate. Now I patched my roms with the same header, but it is not using it to encrypt the saves so I keep getting "corrupted save" messages. The header is nowhere to be found in the sav files it makes. My concern is not necessarily the saves but getting the card to use the private header. I've tried repatching the roms, recopying the unpatched rom and patching. Manually looking at the rom, I see the header, but it does not seem to be using it for the saves. Maybe I am missing something. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Sony98 Loyal Member

    Feb 28, 2015
    My way was this: First before i used the stargate i patched new games with my own private header. the stargate still doesnt support .3dz file ends. just .3ds. But you can flash a header on these too.
    But i didnt tried it to play online yet. I dont know if i can play with .3ds games online too.
    regarding the saves, every game save is bounded to a header. i you change it, the game doesnt support the .save file.
    How it looks like if there is no header on a game, i dont know.

    But stargate and sky3ds have the same technology regarding playing 3ds roms.
    So there should be no problem to play every game further on your stargate.
    saves are inside the micro sd of stargate card.
    Example: Super_Mario_3D_World.3ds
    Save Name: Super_Mario_3D_World.sav
    Try to change the header and play the game on sky3ds.

    (Much heavier for me, at the moment i dont find a solution to converty the gateway saves to stargate)

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