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How can a new player work out their own principles of placing bets on esports?

Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, May 24, 2019.

By GaryOPA on May 24, 2019 at 3:12 PM
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    Esports bets are not much different from bets on soccer, tennis, hockey and other kinds of sports.

    Sportsbooks identify esports bets as a separate kind for players to have an opportunity to find a bet line for virtual sports at once. Technical moments are the same: you need to find an outcome, a type of the bet and a sum. Result is more often win of any of the teams, but there also can be exotic bet options. For instance, a bet on «first blood» in Dota 2.

    In this article, you can find out tips for new betters by specialists of the esports site EGamersWorld.

    Is it difficult to bet? About random bets

    Sportsbook sites work easily and understandably. It will not be difficult for a person who is familiar with computers to place a bet on any outcome. But as for sports analysis, you will have to put an effort. You will have to at least superficially get acquainted with the game discipline you want to make a bet on. It would prove to be a plus if you have played DotA, Counter-Strike or any other game you are going to deal with. Random bets are a way to dump your budget on the game.

    Avoid surebets

    Sportsbooks can offer an option of bets on even or odd in the line. For instance, whether the total quantity of kills in Dota 2 will be even or odd. Agree with us, it's difficult to pretend evenness of quantity of kills. Your knowledge and analytical skills are just useless. In this case you can also use a roulette.

    Bets on favorites

    At some battle there is an evident favorite. You as well as hundreds of other prognosis makers think that this very team is going to win. The idea is based on statistics for the last several months and has the right to exist. Sportsbooks use the statistics for making a line in 90% of cases. But statistics is a superficial analysis. Favorite of the battle can get crashed by a new player that is in a very bad shape. The reason is the fact that the players are tired after several exhausting wins. So don't rely on the odds given by sportsbooks fully. Think for yourself.

    Don't bet on your favorite teams

    One of motivations of a bet on a team in esports is personal sympathy. They are good guys, I saw one of the at the forum last year etc. This is a wrong approach to bets. You need to take into account skills, motivation, objective and subjective data. Coincidence is not huge in esports,it is not a roulette. Therefore the odds of win are high for the teams that are represented by experienced players. Skills are everything. If you want to earn money with bets on esports, make a prognosis without estimating personalities of the players. You don't have «favorite» and «unfavorite», you should bet on a pro. Even if it is disgusting for you. Don't believe experts 100%. Especially «armchair critics» in any case

    There is a lot of information about tips for winning of any of the teams on the forums devoted to esports. «Experts» compete with each other in eloquence and try to persuade the others into their prognosis to be right. But any prognosis in this case is a supposition. So turn your head on and think of who is going to win in shooters, strategies or fighting. You bet your own money, so only you make a final decision on the prognosis. This «expert» from the forum can be confident not only on Dota, bit female tennis as well. So why should you trust them 100%?

    Fixed matches: is it so bad?

    You shouldn't also fall for big announcement about match fixing. Think yourself: if you are a member of the team that had planned to fix a match, will you report it on forums, tell your friends or neighbors? Perhaps, no. You will make the necessary bet and will keep silence. Moreover, you have already been paid. If you make a lot of bets on the same results, sportsbooks may not also lower the odds, but all return the placed bets with the odds of 1.

    There are fixed matches. An experienced player can change the situation in the way nobody will figure out. For instance, there can be fixed first kill in Dota.

    But famous teams are bound to popular players with long-term contracts. They give good money to any of them on a regular basis, so they will not dare to risk because of a single jackpot. If we add big prize pool of tournaments, the players will think a lot before spoiling their reputation with a fixed match. Especially in the era of high technology when hiding your chats and negotiations is really difficult. The truth will be out, sooner or later.

    Learn the object of the game properly

    Of course, you will not pilot a plane if you know nothing about piloting? To become a pilot, you need to study for years. The situation about esports is the same. Before making bets, you have to learn the game properly. It's better to play it yourself at least three hours a day for a year. This way you will see «potholes» of streams, estimate gamestyle of any team. Explore the maps, find out what map the meeting will be held on (if this information is revealed officially). Estimate skills of playing on any of the maps of the players separately.

    Avoid surebets

    Surebets attract betters, especially new ones. We can get a profit irrespective of the outcome. For instance, for CS:GO matches one sportsbook set odds of 2,3 for win of one of the teams. Pass of the other team is also evaluated as 2,3. Placing 10 thousand rubles for each of the team will provide the player with a profit of 3 thousand rubles.

    But surebets are risky. Sportsbook can be mistaken and you can get a negative reputation of the sportsbook which can lead to blocking of your account. For instance, instead of the coefficient 1,2 the sportsbook gave 12. You made a bet, in your mind you are spending the reward, but in fact the bet will return with the coefficient of 1. Sportsbooks are not stupid and identify surebets and those who like making money with their help.

    Try live bets

    The odds can change a lot in real time. Watching a stream, you can make a bet on the favorite with a bigger coefficient when the players lose for a moment. You shouldn't wait for the mentioned surebet in live, it is a wrong game strategy which kills your professional development as a better. Moreover, you can just fail to find an event which will cover the risks.

    Sportsman's psychology

    The majority of esports stars are young guys who often don't have a big experience in performing in public. Moreover, some of them have complexes related to the «big stage». If the attention of a crowd is paid to the game, hands can just shake as the player is nervous. It can result in a loss for the esportsman.

    Before placing a bet, find out as much as you can about the level of the psychological preparation of any team.

    Learn statistics of private battles

    In-person battles between different teams are held numerously, so we can make conclusions about some tendencies. For instance, in Dota 2 you can notice that one of the teams performs badly in a continuous position game, but it acts well against quick rushes. The analysis of in-person battles of two teams lets us create an effective betting strategy. The strategy is better to be individual.


Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, May 24, 2019.

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