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How do I run cheats after SG CFW install?

Discussion in 'Official 'Stargate 3DS' Support Forum' started by ybmug, Jun 13, 2018.

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    ybmug Loyal Member

    Mar 8, 2011
    Any idea how to get the cheats working after installing CFW? The .txt file says to just drag and drop the cheats onto my SD card, but no instructions afterward.

    Also, what is this card swap feature that the .txt file mentions and how do I use that too?
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    LupinIII Developer

    Aug 21, 2005
    The main Rosalina menu is opened with L+Down+Select by default. The cheats option should be at/near the top IIRC. As long as the game you are running is supported, the cheats should show up automatically.

    The swap card is for people that like to do CFW installs while away from their PC. You could setup CFW for a co-worker on a lunch break for example. Probably not the most practical thing to include, since most people that soft mod frequently are probably going to have made their own already, but, for the sake of not leaving out the kitchen sink, there it is.
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