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How eSports Betting Impact Competitive Gaming

Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, May 21, 2019.

By GaryOPA on May 21, 2019 at 6:45 PM
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    The gaming industry has grown over the years with many people signing up to play games online or at brick and mortar casinos.

    It is now common to find gaming enthusiasts engaging in games that involve one or more players as part of their recreation. Fortunately, many companies offer opportunities for gaming both on an offline for the benefit of their players. Some of the popular gaming options are eSports betting as well as a host of traditional competitive games.

    What you need to know about eSports betting

    Although online gaming has been popular for many years, the entry of eSports betting has increased opportunities within the industry. Betting on eSports has become popular over a short time with both new and old players engaging in it as part of online gaming. If you are considering trying out eSports betting, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to ensure your experience is valuable and exciting. Some of them are listed below.

    Variety of games

    ESports games are many with a majority of them based on traditional ones that have been played for decades. The games vary in popularity with the well-known ones having more players signing up than the new ones. Some of the popular eSports games include League of Legends, FIFA soccer, Super Smash Bros, Battlefield, Heroes of the storm, Streetfighter and Smite among others. In most cases, gaming enthusiasts are allowed to bet on their game of choice and increase their chances of winning.

    Structure of the game

    All the eSports games open to players have a structure that has to be understood by players that will be betting on them. The structure differs from one game to another, which makes it important to have a deep understanding of it before placing a bet. When planning to bet consider the various tournaments or leagues available and choose the top ones, which are likely to give a great return. Apart from the structure, you can also consider learning more about the players participating in the eSports contests available.

    Eligibility of players

    Although eSports betting is open to players from all over the world, there are some restrictions in the age of the people allowed to participate in online betting. In most countries, the age limit is eighteen but in others such as the United States, the legal age is twenty-one upwards. Before signing up on a betting site, it is advisable to check out the restrictions and policies that govern players on the site, to avoid any disappointments in the future. Also, betting by minors is discouraged across the world because of its negative effects on their mind and future life.

    Different ways of betting

    Majority of people that place bets on eSports games use real money as is common in traditional betting. However, there are other ways available to players interested in placing bets on their favorite games. Some of these options include skin betting, head-to-head betting, social betting, and fantasy betting. The majority of these betting options have their merits and demerits which makes it important to weigh them out and make a suitable choice.

    Effects of eSports betting on competitive gaming

    The rise of eSports betting in gaming cannot be underestimated as more people explore it as an avenue of earning money online. Betting on eSports has become quite popular with its impact on competitive gaming being felt all over the world. Some ways in which betting on various eSports games has impacted competitive gaming are highlighted below.

    1. Increase in online gaming investors

    As the popularity of eSports continues to grow, so does the number of investors putting in their money in the development of new ideas or enhancing of new ones. Some of these investors may have not put in their money into other types of online games but can see potential in betting on eSports games. The increase in investors also means that opportunities to get large rewards by players are possible regardless of the betting site.

    2. Extra avenues of making money online

    In earlier times, earning money online was often associated with avenues such as foxy casino and other games that are popular among internet users. However, with the introduction of eSports betting, the chances of getting rewarded in cash or kind after playing a game increased. The competitive gaming industry has now expanded making it possible to include more players with different needs. Fortunately, the opportunities to learn about the betting on eSports is also available through a variety of online portals.

    3. An upsurge in eSports betting sites

    Betting sites that allow individuals to bet on a variety of games have grown tremendously in recent years, making them a force within the gaming industry. Spectators are allowed to bet on tournaments and even live eSports events with winners being announced after the games. Typically, the websites are designed to make it easier for interested people to view the available odds as well as place bets. The bets are placed through bookies similar to those in traditional betting, making it easier for those familiar with the process.

    4. Introduction of new games

    Veterans of online gaming get a chance to learn about eSports games from the various sites that are popping up on the internet. Most times they are introduced to the tournaments and leagues within the games through the sites giving them a chance to explore new games and their rewards. Additionally, getting a chance to bet on their preferred game gives them a chance to earn more money while having fun alone or with others. If you have not been lucky with traditional online games, eSports games may be your chance to start winning and making money.

    Ultimately, betting on eSports is on a growth curve that is rising daily, making it a worthwhile investment for gaming enthusiasts. The competition within the gaming industry is only going to get stiffer, making eSports betting worth trying out as an investor or gambler.


Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, May 21, 2019.

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