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How to get best quality RemoteJoyLite capture without lag?

Discussion in 'PSP Newbie Corner & Tutorials' started by tmd02, Jul 21, 2015.

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    tmd02 Loyal Member

    Jul 5, 2015
    Hey guys I'm new here, I just recently installed RemoteJoyLite version 0.19 and it's running okay without capture, but when i capture the footage is laggy. Which is strange because my laptop is pretty good:

    6GB RAM

    Intel Core i5-2430m

    CPU: 2.4GHz

    And a Nvidia Geforce graphics card (dont know the type)

    Once you have the plugins for remote joylite and installed the Type B Driver, can you use version 0.20? is that better?

    Can you get better codecs to install for it? Or maybe my laptop doesnt have AVI codecs to support non laggy recordings?

    Please help me out guys!

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