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How to play Mario games online

Discussion in 'Retro Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Oct 9, 2018.

By GaryOPA on Oct 9, 2018 at 4:05 PM
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    Mario is one of the most famous and very iconic characters in gaming.

    At least everyone has had a privilege of knowing this funny and entertaining Italian plumber who dwells in a virtual world full of fantasies. In fact, Mario's world comprises of a network of pipes, boxes and gold coins among other things. Since the inception of the first and original Super Mario for the Nintendo, the character has achieved legendary status to most if not all online gaming enthusiasts. Currently, you can find Mario and his funny friends in many different online games and consoles. But how do you go about playing these Super Mario Bros games online?

    Super Mario Flash


    The game was initially created by Pouetpu Games. Before playing it you need to know what you are required to do. To begin with, you need to save Princess Peach by going through ten levels. The tenth level is actually the Browser’s castle but you can as well create your own levels to make the game more enticing.

    In order to control the game, you will have to left click and right click simultaneously to initiate some movement. If you want to make a double jump, you will have to click twice and you can float in the air by holding the left click for a little while. When you wish to make fireballs, you will have to press Space and when you want to go back to the menu, click on letter B on your keyboard.

    Super Mario Crossover


    In Super Mario Crossover, Mario has to go through some hurdles on a dangerous and difficult path so that he could face the main monster responsible for kidnapping the princess. As a player, your task will be to overcome a number of sorcerer minions on your way. Some of these obstacles wander carelessly while others are deliberately unleashed by the sorcerer to prevent you from saving the princess.

    For you to control this game, you need to left click and right click at the same time to start the movement. Then, you can press Z when jumping, X to attack and letter S to make an alternative attack.

    Super Mario Crossover-2


    In this game, Mario has the ability to change his outward appearance to an extent of confusing him for another superhero. However, it does matter which hero you settle for when playing this game provided that you will have to overcome some obstacles on your way. These obstacles are in the form of different creatures which you will stop you from achieving your goal.

    To control the game, you need to right click and left click at the same time to start the movement. If you want to jump, you can click Z and when attacking, you are required to click X. But when you want to make a secondary attack, just click C and you are good to go.


    Basically, there are more than 200 sequels depicting Mario's heroism. Each game has different missions that you need to accomplish in order to move to the next level. Also, every game has its own way of playing it using different buttons on your laptop or computer. To learn more on how you can play Super Mario Bros online, you can always visit playmariogames.com on your browser.


Discussion in 'Retro Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Oct 9, 2018.

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