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How to Softmod you XBOX [Full Tutorial]

Discussion in 'Xbox Retro Hacking / Mods & General Discussion' started by [email protected], Dec 10, 2005.

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    [email protected] Loyal Member

    Aug 11, 2005
    How to Softmod your XBOX [Full Tutorial]

    How to Softmod your XBOX [Full Tutorial from Step 1]
    Tutorial written by [email protected], AKA Knuxyl & h4Ck3R
    Tutorial updated as of 12/05/12 @ 8:30pm
    This tutorial explains how to Softmod your xbox with any dashboard you want. Softmodding is modding your xbox to be capable of homebrew applications without hardware modifications (mod-chip).

    ---Things Needed

    -mIRc (Optional)[Found here] ** or any other IRC program
    -FileZilla (Optional)[Found here] ** or any other FTP program (FileZilla is open source/freeware)
    -PC with IDE cable (during hacking you will have to have your cd/dvd drive hooked up but nothing else is required)
    -CD or DVD Burner
    -Knowledge of Xbins [Found here] or [Found here] (recommend second option, with that you will not need an FTP or IRC program)
    -Blank CD/DVD
    -UXE Package [Found in Xbins]
    /XBOX/CONSOLE BASED APPLICATIONS/exploits/_Packages/UXE/uxe-complete-v0.2.2.rar
    -IMGBurn [Found here] ** or any other image (.iso) burners (I highly recommend IMGBurn)
    -xboxhdm 1.9 [Found here] OR [Found in Xbins]

    ---[Note 1]---
    You will need mIrc (or a different IRC program) and FlashFXP (or a different FTP program) to get in Xbins, click to find out how. If you would rather do it the easy way go . You won't require the FTP or IRC program that way but the link to Knowledge of Xbins might help in case you run into problems with second option.

    ---[NOTE 2]---
    Before you do any of this, be sure you have exactly and know exactly everything you are supposed to have/do. I am not to hold responsible if you mess something up, but I am here to help you if you run into problems.

    ---[NOTE 3]---
    You can probably use some P2P software or torrents for the xbins files, either way works.

    ---[NOTE 4]---
    You do not have to use these files, you can use a different dashboard. To do this, download the dashboard of your choice, and have the file structure in the E folder like this - E\ROOT\dashboard.xbe. I highly recommend using Xbox Media Center (XBMC). It has every feature that the XBOX homebrew community can offer. You can get it
    here. I'm not sure if this is an active svn compiling resource.

    ---[NOTE 5]---
    If at anytime during this procedure your XBOX will not boot up and gives an error code refer to the end of the tutorial for an explanation on what exactly is happening.

    ---[NOTE 6]---
    If your internet connection dies when your PC and XBOX are connected then change the third octet (digit) in the XBOX and PC IP Address. For example, if you have your XBOX and PC set to 192.168.0.X then change it to something like this 192.168.50.X. X would be the host number, so the IP Address of the PC would be the default gateway for the XBOX, and the XBOX IP Address would be different then the gateway but with the first 3 octets the same.

    ---Softmodding The Xbox

    Step 1 - Setting things up
    1.) First step is to get UXE, it's in Xbins [NOTE 1]. Exact ftp folder location is
    /XBOX/CONSOLE BASED APPLICATIONS/exploits/_Packages/UXE/uxe-complete-v0.2.2.rar
    2.) Extract the uxe-complete-v0.2.2.rar you download and there should be folders with names like "uxe-c-replace" or "place-on-e". Now, if you are using a Retail HD (hard drive that comes with Xbox) then go into the support files folder and run 71-fonts-install.bat and nkpatcher-06-install.bat. If you have a bigger hard drive (30gb and up) then run the other 2 .bats.
    3.) Download xboxhdm 1.9. Extract the files and open it.
    4.) Then open the linux folder inside. There should be a C and E folder. Delete everything out of it (there shouldn't be anything in them).
    5.) Then copy all of the files inside of "uxe-replace-c" to the C folder in "xboxhdm\linux".
    6.) Then copy all of the "place-in-e" files to the E folder in "xboxhdm\linux". [NOTE 4]
    7.) Then go back to xboxhdm folder and run win-iso.bat [or make-win-iso.bat].
    8.) It should create a file called linux.iso.
    9.) Download IMGBurn (or any other image (.iso) burner, but tutorial is for IMGBurn)

    Step 2 - Burning the hack software to CD/DVD
    10.) Install it and open it.
    11.) Click "Write image file to disc".
    12.) Click the top left button "Write image file to disc" and choose the linux.iso file.
    13.) Choose your CD/DVD burner and click "Write".
    14.) After burn is complete turn your computer off (keep the linux.iso disc you just burned in disc drive).

    Step 3 - Hacking the XBOX
    15.) Now unplug the IDE cable from all of your drives excluding the CD/DVD drive with the disc in it (yes it is necessary to unplug everything because it could cause interference with the software).
    16.) Open your XBOX, tutorial is . Stop after you have the hard drive loose from the case.
    17.) Loosen IDE cable from xbox hd (make sure it is still attached though).
    18.) Test to make sure the IDE cable on the HD still has a connection by turning the XBOX on. If it hangs, try plugging it in a little more. Then test again until you get a successful boot
    19.) Now turn you computer on and right when any information is displayed on the screen hit the Pause/Break key (next to Scroll Lock key at top of keyboard).
    20.) This part you have to be quick. Unplug the IDE cable from your XBOX hard drive and plugin an IDE cable from your computer to the hard drive.
    21.) Right after that press enter/return on the keyboard to resume booting.
    22.) If your computer hangs for a very long time without doing anything then redo steps 20 & 21 again (this happens because of the lock mechanism on the hard drive kicked in).
    23.) The longest you should wait should be around 10 seconds to max of 2 minutes (and thats pushing it).
    24.) Now your computer can't boot from xbox hard drive so it will try your CD/DVD drive.
    25.) Your CD/DVD should've booted so now you should have a menu with options 1-4. Choose option 1.
    26.) Now when it's done loading type "xboxhdm" and press enter.
    27.) It should come up with a new message. Type "yes".
    28.) Now another menu should come up. Type 1 and press enter.
    29.) It should ask if you want to format the xbox partitions. Type "yes".
    30.) If it asks to format F: drive type "yes".
    31.) Now it should ask you if you want to continue copying files from C:. Type "yes".
    32.) Next it should ask if you want to continue copying files from E:. Type "yes".
    33.) It should soon come up and say "All Done!". Wait 5 seconds and turn PC and Xbox off.
    34.) Hook your xbox IDE cable back to your XBOX and turn it on. You now have a modded Xbox with Evox 3935 OR whatever dashboard you decided to install.

    Congratulations! If no errors occurred you now have a completely hacked XBOX! You can now run homebrew applications, run backups, copy backups to your hard drive, emulators, media players, and much more.

    ---How to FTP to XBOX below.

    35.) On your Windows PC go to [XP = My Network Places] or [Vista & 7 = My Computer] (I know, 2 totally different places, can't add network place in Network for some reason)
    36.) Right Click and click Add New Network Place.
    36.) When it asks, don't choose the MSN network, choose "Chose a custom network location"
    37.) In the box, type in this (fill in the spots nessacery, dont include "s) "ftp://xboxusername:[email protected]" and the network name to whatever you want. I am pretty sure the defaults for FTP username and password is xbox for both. Typically the default address would be
    ftp://xbox:[email protected].
    I'm not entirely sure if the below steps are necessary anymore, as I'm still using my XBMC as of DEC2012 and my xbox is hooked up to my router and I don't have to do any of the below. You should go ahead and try to see if the network link we created worked.
    38.) Now, open Network Connections.
    39.) Right Click on the LAN Connection that the xbox is hooked up to and click Properties.
    40.) Click on Internet Protocol (v4) and Click Properties.
    41.) Whatever your xbox ip address is, is what your PC's IP address should be EXCEPT the last number. You can change that to whatever you want BUT whatever you change it to, you should put as your xbox's default gateway. DONT FORGET THAT.
    42.) Fill in your PC IP address in space provided and click on Subnet Mask textbox and it should automatically come up. LEAVE DEFAULT GATEWAY ALONE! Click ok.
    43.) Now, if you did EVERYTHING right, than you should be able to open My Network Places OR My Computer and just open up the connection you made and your XBOX ftp connection should come up! [NOTE 6]
    44.) I didn't include a tutorial on how to set that up on your XBOX because there are many different programs and it would have been impossible to include a step by step generic guide for setting it up. It shouldn't be that hard though.



    IF you need to contact me because you are having ANY problems with this tutorial feel free to IM me on AIM (knuxyl) or email ([email protected])
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    Aug 11, 2005

    "Double of the same post"
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    michael1981 Guest

    can you post how to tsop
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    thealexbaron Guest

    The Point

    That was a good tutorial, but I don't understand why you have to "really quick" unplug and all of that.

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    beanfarmer Loyal Member

    Jan 19, 2006
    a farmer of beans
    south wales, uk

    you have to uplug really quick and plug into the pc really quick because the xbox HDD has a lock and by useing this method (also known as hotswap) you unlock you xboxs hdd drive so you can write to it with a pc there are easyer methods than this but i wont go into that now all in all a go tutorial 10/10 :D keep up the good work
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    fkp Guest


    pls can u explain that the new hdd need to be locking and if yes then i see only xbox and microsoft thats all what is wrong i am doing pls help
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    mastershake329 Loyal Member

    Feb 19, 2006
    OMG I LOVE YOU! i had to buy a new xbox 9 months ago, i failed at chipping my xbox. Today in about 3 hours with your tutorial, i now have a modded xbox(i bought a new one 8 months ago) THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS TUTORIAL!
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    DMSTEPHENS Loyal Member

    Mar 11, 2006

    Could any1 possibly send me uxe-complete-v0.2.2.rar please as Xbins doesn't seem to be working, Thanks
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    csosquared Guest


    Can someone pm me with a FREE download of one of these files? I don't have money to donate to their site. LOL
    I need Xbox HDM
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    foots31 Guest

    Everything you need can be fpound in #xbins on mirc.There are tutorials for using this,and softmodding is easier with auto installer deluxe.I can softmod and xbox in like 2 minutes..I only use xboxhdm v1.9 to put a bigger hard drive in an xbox.Torrent sites are a good place to look for tools too.Ill be glad to giva any help I can
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    _koos_ Guest

    I've followed the procedure step by step (With a virgin xbox) but now my xbox won't boot past de big X screen. ANy ideas how to fix this?
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    evoxsnes fan

    evoxsnes fan Guest

    At Last!!!!!!!!

    im gonna try this i,ve been looking in a few places on the net for tutorials cuse im new at this and some tutorials are just well... out there and i didnt get it lol! but nar thanks for that and at least its written by as you say some one who was new to softmodding so yeah its a lot easier to understand but i'll give it a go and tell yah how it went

    Once again thanks for that!! :D
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    phreakazoidz Loyal Member

    May 13, 2006
    Great Tutorial........
    Thanks For Sharing.... m8...

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    NSCXP Loyal Member

    Sep 14, 2005
    will softmodding allow you to play backups of xbox games?
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    MonsterTy Loyal Member

    May 27, 2005
    Home Page:

    ^ Yes, it will. It will allow you to do (almost) all of the things you can do with a chipped xbox.

    @ [email protected]

    I would also like to add this is a great tutorial, though I feel some of the info could be updated for the few remaining noobs out there. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
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    _koos_ Guest

    It's fixed. I've followed the steps again and it works!
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    WaggonerW Loyal Member

    Feb 8, 2005
    Home Page:
    I would like to contribute to this thread, because it helped me a lot when I modded my xbox last weekend.

    For anyone new to xbox modding, let me share my findings and experiences with you. I have tried to build up each of the facts in logical order, which may allow you to skip anything you already know ;-)

    1. You want to mod your xbox.
    Why? -> Because it allows you to run backups and homebrew.
    2. You don't need to install a modchip to mod your xbox (this is called softmodding).
    Why? -> An xbox is built up like a PC, which means it has a harddisk where you can run applications from. Your MS dashboard (the app that allows you to change settings like date etc. that appears when there is no disk in the drive) is such an app. The mod consists of replacing this dashboard with another one that uses an exploit to run any app from this, including backups. A standard xbox harddisk has two partitions, with drive letters C and E, like a regular PC (D is the DVD-ROM).
    3. You don't need to flash your xbox BIOS to run backups.
    Why? -> While flashing your BIOS can give you some advantages (i.e. bypass security checks more easily), the replacement dashboard is enough to run backups or homebrew. It can even be harmful if you want to use xbox Live, because MS will ban you.
    4. To replace the MS dashboard, you need to connect your xbox harddisk to a PC IDE controller.
    Why? -> The only other way in is through the DVD player. You can't boot an app from CD or DVD to write to the harddisk, because an unmodded xbox will only run software signed by MS. The only alternative to this is using an xbox with modchip.
    5. The harddisk needs to be disconnected while the xbox is running (this is called hotswapping), and reconnected to the PC.
    Why? -> The harddisk is an xbox looks like an ordinary IDE harddisk, but it has a special protection: it needs to be unlocked, which can only be done through a special key in the xbox EEPROM, this key is unique for each and every xbox. When xbox needs to access the harddisk, it unlocks it briefly. It is the "art of hotswapping" to find the right moment to disconnect the harddisk in unlocked state and immediately connect it to the PC's IDE controller. There are many tutorials and strategies to do this, Google for it. The harddisk will return to locked state automatically after a while, and on each startup. In locked state, the harddisk cannot be accessed.
    6. Once connected to the PC, you need to boot from a Linux CD-ROM to access the harddisk.
    Why? -> The xbox uses a special file system. At this moment, the only reliable tools to access the xbox's file system or lock/unlock a harddisk are running under Linux only. Your CD needs to contain your preferred replacement dashboard and exploit (see UXE story in tutorial).
    7. You can replace the xbox harddisk with any *lockable* IDE harddisk of 8GB or more.
    Why? -> With a replacement dash, you can backup games to harddisk. The default xbox harddisk is very small, so the bigger, the better. The only requirement is that it needs to be "lockable", because a softmodded xbox will not use a harddisk that is not locked. Any additional space can be partitioned as new drives (F, G).
    8. You cannot lock a harddisk for an unmodded xbox.
    Why? -> To lock or unlock a harddisk, there are tools available on the same Linux CD. These tools need an image of the xbox's EEPROM to lock the harddisk. As explained under 5, a harddisk needs to be "married" to the xbox using this code. This means that you first have to mod your xbox to obtain its EEPROM image before you can prepare a new harddisk.
    9. Once softmodded, you won't need to hotswap anymore.
    Why? -> A replacement dash usually contains an FTP server, which allows you to access the xbox harddisk remotely accross a LAN. For replacement harddisks, you never need to hotswap anyway because they don't have the "autolock" protection of xbox harddisks.
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    ryu420 Loyal Member

    Jan 10, 2005
    Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada
    Home Page:
    ok so once ive completed all those steps... how can i get xbox media center as a dashboard on my xbox?
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    peanutinky Loyal Member

    Nov 4, 2005

    i have a question

    doing the hotswap method vs. old game exploit method and using the uxe does it put the new dash on c:\ or on e:\

    i modded my xbox the game way 18 months ago

    i have the unleash, xbmc, avalaunch, evox, and on my e:\ and of course the ms dash on c:\ drive

    i want to telnet to make a trainer but there is no way to do unless the telnet could be set to goto the shadow c:\ instead of the real c:\

    to get the xbmc as your dash just ftp it on to your xbox under apps.

    use file explorer on the xbox goto E:\dash on one side of the screen the other goto e:\apps now make a new folder under e:\apps old dash

    in the newly created folder copy you dash file here now delete the old dash files and copy the contents of the xbmc folder to dash but dont put the xbmc folder under e:\dash

    it should just contain the files that where in the xbmc folder

    now reboot

    xbmc will be your new dash

    to use your ald dash just goto programs in xbmc and select your old dash

    when you quit using the old dash or reboot you will still be using xbmc as the dash:D

    i change mine from time to time
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    ryu420 Loyal Member

    Jan 10, 2005
    Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada
    Home Page:
    haha ive already softmodded it and put unleash x as my dash and then xbmc and evox are in my apps folder:) thanx for the help tho.. any one know any good places to get full xbox games similar to gctracker.mine.nu ??? PM me if u know;)

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