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Installing a new HDD in PS3

Discussion in 'Codename: REBUG PS3 CFW Releases and Support' started by bryceone, Jun 15, 2018.

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    bryceone Loyal Member

    Oct 28, 2005
    I'm currently running REBUG 4.82.2 REX on my PS3 with a 160 GB HDD. I want to install a new larger HDD. I don't care about backing anything up. No trophies since my PSN was banned, and I can re-play my games over again from the beginning. So can I just put the new HDD in and use the REBUG PKG on a USB and install to new HDD?

    I dont want to do anything without asking because I read once you install to a new HDD, you can't use your old one again without reformatting it.

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