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IRISMAN 2.72-1 (mod) by Aldo Vargas

Discussion in 'PS3 Homebrew Corner' started by M4hdi, Dec 23, 2013.

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    M4hdi Loyal Member

    Dec 23, 2013

    Quickly following the official update to Iris Manager (v2.72) by Estwald. fellow ps3 developer aldostools quickly sprain into action and got to work on his Iris Manager fork (IRISMAN) to stay current with the official build.
    For see more details and download, go ahead ...

    IRISMAN Version 2.72-1 by Aldo Vargas

    • Added all the features, bug fixes from official Iris Manager 2.72
    • More app speed

    Major features:

    • Most (if not all) the features from Iris Manager 2.65 (including ISO features for Cobra CFW)
    • Added scanning of games on /GAMES, /GAMEZ, /GAMES_DUP, /GAMES_BAD on external drive
    • Added new GUI mode: grid 6x4 and 8x6 from PS3ITA Manager (for a total of 4 GUI modes with/without covers)
    • Added payloads for 4.41DEX, 4.46DEX, 4.50DEX from PS3ITA Manager and 4.53CEX from HABIB
    • New buttons layout to resemble multiMAN / XMB buttons layout
    • Hold [​IMG] or [​IMG] while the program is starting to enter directly into File Manager mode without scan games
    • Added progress bar while games are being scanned and when file permissions are applied
    • Prevents re-scan of games when exiting from File Manager
    • Added option to disable the loading of the Fan Control Utility payload
    • Added auto-preview and full screen preview of images (.jpg/.png)
    • Changed colors, default temperature table, some labels, etc.
    • Auto-boot PSX ISO placed in USRDIR/ps1_iso/ (useful to create PS1 pkgs). Hold L1/R1 for memory card configuration.

    New Button mapping:
    In game list:

    • [​IMG] Select/Mount game
    • [​IMG] Cancel / Exit to XMB
    • [​IMG] Menu
    • [​IMG] Global config
    • [​IMG] + [​IMG] File Manager
    • [​IMG] + [​IMG] Prompt for reboot the PS3
    • [​IMG] + [​IMG] Change GUI mode
    • [​IMG] / [​IMG] Scroll game list by page
    • [​IMG] Re-scan the games

    In File Manager:

    • [​IMG] View in Hex Editor / Launch file
    • [​IMG] or [​IMG] File Menu
    • [​IMG] Select file/folder
    • [​IMG] + [​IMG] Select/Unselect all files/folder
    • [​IMG] + [​IMG] Exit File Manager
    • [​IMG] + [​IMG] Exit to XMB
    • [​IMG] + [​IMG] View in Hex Editor (PKG, .self) / on .. go to root
    • [​IMG] / [​IMG] Scroll up/down by page
    • [​IMG] / [​IMG] Switch panel
    • [​IMG] / [​IMG] Switch vertical/horizontal screen layout
    • [​IMG] / [​IMG] Quick jump to paths (root, self path, other panel path)

    Download: IRISMAN v2.72-1 (mod)
    Source: ps3tools.aldostools.org

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