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is pimpmywii safe

Discussion in 'Wii Game Ripping, Custom Mods' started by steplay29, Jan 12, 2014.

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    steplay29 Loyal Member

    Nov 19, 2003
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    hi guys,

    just wondered if pimpmywii is safe to use as i heard a few people saying it bricked their wii.reason i am asking is because when i try to play just dance 2014 all i get is a black screen when trying to load from dvd using neogama.was told that some ios's may need updated.
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    pinky Guest

    should be. u can fix a bricked wii with bootmii and priiloader. u can dump and flash ur nand with it (bootmii). it'll boot before the system ios, so unless u really screwed up, it should be fixable. ...trying to remember all with the wii. I've done ever hack with that one including the mymenufy which can brick the system ios. that didn't happen to me though. my menu is dark black with a different splash screen. :)

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